Contraception and abortion
Dr. Daniel C. Maguire gives brief descriptions on his Web site,, of what his research says are the positions of major religions. Here are excerpts:
Roman Catholicism: According to traditional Catholic theology -- unknown even to many Catholics -- a Catholic is free to choose contraception and abortion when necessary.
Judaism: Judaism, like most religions, begins with the mandate to "choose life." As an ancient Jewish text puts it, abortion "is not forbidden when it is done because of a great need."
Islam: There are those in Islam who oppose all abortions. There is broad acceptance in the major Islamic teachings of abortion in the first four months of pregnancy, however.
Protestant Christianity: Protestantism, the dominant religious affiliation, is firmly in favor of family planning.
Buddhism: Buddhists have a long experience with family planning, including abortion.
Hinduism: Arguments for family planning can be drawn from the main moral teachings of Hinduism.

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