Report: Columbiana recyclers top list

COLUMBIANA -- Columbiana city residents are tops in recycling, says the Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Solid Waste District's annual report.
City Manager Keith Chamberlin said the district collected 503,400 pounds of recyclables from the city in 2001.
By comparison, the annual report showed 340,740 pounds as the total collected in all communities of Harrison County combined, and 586,510 pounds total from all communities of Carroll County.
Columbiana is one of eight Columbiana County communities that has a 30 cubic-yard recycling container available to accept recyclables all the time. There are 11 total in the district.
Chamberlin said district workers empty the container here two or three times a week.
The annual report showed the district collected 1.8 million pounds of recyclables in Columbiana County in 2001.
The report says the solid waste management district has 32 recycling drop-off sites in the three-county area. Besides the 30-cubic yard containers, there are 21 sites that receive a 16-cubic yard trailer for about one week each month.
All the sites accept newspapers, magazines, phone books, catalogs, plastic containers, green, brown and clear glass containers and metal cans.

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