GREENVILLE, PA. Contractors agree to repair faulty work

The borough manager said unauthorized change orders were followed during construction.
GREENVILLE, Pa. -- A meeting with five of the seven contractors that worked on the borough's sports complex project proved fruitful, said council president Richard S. Houpt, but there are still many things to work out.
Borough Manager Kenneth Weaver said one thing that was learned at the meeting Thursday was that contractors worked from change orders that had not gone through the proper procedures for approval.
How, or why, that happened hasn't been figured out, but Weaver said the fact is that council never saw or approved any of the change orders that contractors said were responsible for the work not being done to the original specifications.
Weaver said the contractors who came to the meeting have all agreed to correct the problems, at their expense; the problems include flooding, cracked walls, floors and windows, and holes in the softball fields.
A complete progress report will be presented at Tuesday evening's regular council meeting.
Meeting controversial: The meeting stirred controversy among Greenville residents who attended Thursday evening's council work session.
Several residents wanted to know why the meeting with the contractors was not advertised and the public not invited to attend.
Weaver answered that borough officials wanted to give the contractors the freedom to express their side of the issue without having to worry about publicity. He said the meeting actually fell under the heading of contract negotiations.
Solicitor Warren R. Keck III said any decisions that may be made as a result of the meeting will be made public at next week's council meeting.
Houpt added that minutes were taken at the meeting and are available for review.
Other issues council will discuss next week include formation of a public safety committee, dissolving the sports complex steering committee, and raising parking fines.

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