One law for the elite, another for everyone else

One law for the elite, another for everyone else
I read the article in your newspaper regarding questions that have come about concerning the job of George Buccella, Trumbull County Health Department administrator. After reviewing the article I now must ask some questions.
Do you remember when the sheriff of Trumbull County used the "Don Hanni defense" when his Corvette struck a parked car in Howland Township? Was he on his way to Victoria Secret for another special gift?
Do you remember when a Trumbull County judge was leaving an annual event of another Trumbull County judge and ended up in a ditch? Does drinking and driving pertain to his court? Do you remember when a current Trumbull County commissioner was charged with allegedly gambling? Yes, he admitted to this, but does that make it right? Just apologize to the taxpayers, pay your fine and continue receiving your paycheck along with all the perks. Some punishment.
If John Q Public did any of these things, can we apologize, pay a fine and then continue on our way? Of course not. Why is their behavior condoned? Is it because of the complacent voter who just does not care? Whatever happened to what is fair for one is fair for the other? This method was thrown out the window and trampled on a long time ago. Just look at what political leaders doing to the taxpayer!
Why is Mr. Buccella's position being questioned when other department heads have doubtful pasts? I guess out of sight, out of mind.
Political business will continue in Trumbull County -- using the Mahoning County method.
Lay Pennsylvania budget crunch at governor's door
My father suggested that the eagle is not an appropriate American emblem. He suggested that the ostrich would be better. My father's words strike close to home. Much like the ostrich, we are complacent to stick our heads in the ground and not get involved.
However, we need the eagles in our community involved in the political process that embroils our tax dollars. It is imperative that phone calls be made, letters be written, e-mails be sent and state legislators be alerted to the current crisis in our public school funding. While Harrisburg is funding playgrounds for millionaires, and currying to the big cities, we are facing a significant budget crunch as we deal with dramatic increases in costs. Gov. Schweiker's state budget proposal is limiting basic education funding for our local schools to a percent increase. The different will be covered by an increase in local school property taxes. Meanwhile, Schweiker intends to grant Philadelphia School District a $75 million increase for an 11 percent increase. The remaining 500 school districts in Pennsylvania will divvy a portion of a $53 million increase allocated for the rest of the Commonwealth. Schweiker's budget proposal defies the definition of Commonwealth.
While we decry the local assessment process, the state is sneaking out the back door with our tax dollars to ply political buying power by sending money to the big cities in exchange for votes. Check with your local school district. Find out how this impacts your local school property tax. Then rise up as eagles and tell your state legislators to bring our tax dollars back home for our schools. Your school can tell you whom to contact. Please write a letter, or make a phone call. And tell them the results will be rewarded on election day.
New Wilmington