Why are people picking on the congressman?

Why are people picking on the congressman?
It's truly wearisome watching, listening and reading all the Traficant bashing in my hometown. I'd like to ask the constituents of Congressman Jim Traficant to ask themselves some questions.
Why has the majority continued to vote for him? Why is the only complaint I ever hear about himbeing a disgrace, or about his hair, his bell-bottoms and/or his "bathroom language"? Why are they NOT doing what the law says and presume innocence until proven guilty? Why is it when anything goes wrong or anyone has a problem in this town, it's the congressman who gets called upon? How many times has he helped? How many times has he stepped in? How many jobs has he saved? How much money has he brought into the area? How many conflicts has he negotiated? How many times has he put himself on the line against people of corruption in this town? Are you taking a good look at the prosecution's case, at the witness'' called, what are they saying? Are you weighing the charges and the evidence? How much does he care about this town and its people?
How about you, do you really care about this town and its people? What are you doing for the town? Do you really want someone that's soft-spoken, dresses to your standards and lets corruption run rampant in your town?
When are people going to learn a most important lesson? What's it going to take for people to learn that it's not what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside the makes all the difference.
Anyone is innocent until proven guilty. I haven't seen any proof yet, just hearsay.