Early TV viewer catches bird from Traficant aide

Early TV viewer catches bird from Traficant aide
It is 6 a.m. and already I am totally upset for the day.
Watching a local news channel I saw a staff member of our congressman giving his middle finger to the viewers. If he was on the federal payroll at the time he should be discharged at once and the congressman should put aside his ego and beg our forgivness. If he was not on the federal payroll he should be discharged and the same congressman should denounce all ties to this slob.
I fully expect to hear all kinds of defense for this rudeness from Traficant and all his staff. The public who still support him only show their indifference to common decency.
This is just another example of the total lack of respect shown to the public by Traficant and his inner circle of liars and thieves.
Remember congressional staffers, you're judged by the company you keep!
New Springfield