Specific religious views don't belong in classroom

Specific religious views don't belong in classroom
Let's see, intelligent design or evolution, which one to teach?
In my opinion, neither will be able to be taught if one isn't intelligent enough to see that this is just one more attempt to create a nation of one religious belief, thus, taking away our constitutional right to freedom of religion: one more attempt to put prayer back in the classroom. And one more attempt to take from parents the right of raising their children with the religious beliefs of their choice.
Intelligent design is nothing more than creationism renamed. Whether it's called intelligent design or creationism, the moment you begin speaking of either, you begin speaking of a superior being, thus, invoking the presence of a God which brings about the ideology of religion.
With so many religions/beliefs that we are supposedly free to choose from, we begin to create an oppressive and dictatorial society. Not everyone believes in a God or the presence of one. That is our right.
If parents want the idea of God to be part of their child's education, then they should send their child to a school that provides that channel of teaching. It should not be imposed upon a public school student who attends school to learn the fundamentals, one being science.
Consequently, science, being the teaching of proven facts, one would assume the intelligent design would be to continue along the path of teaching the widely accepted theory of evolution.
Maplewood school kids caused hotel disturbance
The children of Maplewood Middle School caused a disturbance on Friday March 22, at the Hampton Inn in Fredrick, Md., at 10:45 p.m., making so much noise that people complained to the management. The noise went on for more than half an hour with no chaperones in sight.
When I asked the security person the next morning to speak to the person in charge, he said he would get them and send them to my room. I waited 20 minutes, but nobody showed up.
I got in my car and was about to leave when I noticed several people talking in the parking lot. I asked if they were with the group on the 4th floor. They said yes and asked why. I told them that I would like to contact the people in charge of the school. They turned their backs and walked away, telling me that I should have my room changed.
To me this showed a lot of disrespect and explained why the children acted the way they did on Friday night. Several people got their rooms for free that night.
Delmar, N.Y.
Diagonal parking not safe since advent of vans, SUVs
I think the parking in the changing of Federal Plaza should be revisited. Diagonal parking has been phased out in most towns where it has been used for years.
I can see where the merchants would favor it as it would provide more parking spaces for more clients. It was a fair method of parking before SUVs, vans and larger pickup trucks were on the road.
If one of these vehicles were parked down traffic from a car trying to back from a diagonal parking space there is no way one could see oncoming traffic until his vehicle would be in such a position as to block or be hit by the on coming traffic. It was phased out in most areas as parallel parking is a safer method to use as one can see oncoming traffic in the rearview mirror mounted on the left side of the car.
Older people who may have limited ability to pivot their heads due to infirmities brought on by age also would be at a distinct disadvantage in diagonal parking. In the matter of safety, less fender benders and accident reports to be filed by the police I would suggest the idea of diagonal parking be abandoned and left on the scrap heap of history.