Casino proposal
Some of the comments posted on The Vindicator's Web site about changing the Ohio Constitution to permit casino gambling in Youngstown:
"Youngstown has enough violent crime as it is without the debts introduced by gambling."
"Anyone who related crime with casinos has done no research on areas where casinos are located. Crime is down in all cases. ... cities where casinos do not exist, like Atlanta, is where crime continues to grow."
"I sure think it's a great idea, especially if ... shopping arcades and restaurants are attached to the casino."
"We need jobs, jobs, jobs and a casino will provide them and a lot of tax revenue for the city, county and state. It is the industry of the future."
"A casino will come here without having to give them any abatements like companies that are here and want to expand like Packard is doing and not really create any new jobs. A casino will pay its fair share and more. A casino would be a tremendous plus to this area."
"How can you people be stupid enough to favor this? You finally, after generations of being under the domination of organized crime, begin to get rid of some of the filth and corruption. Then you turn around and want to bring a whole new form of crime and corruption in to replace the old crime and corruption. Talk about being dumb!"
"In the past I was against it, but after seeing most of the license plates at the casino in West Virginia are from Mahoning and Trumbull [counties], I figure why should that man get rich off of Ohioans. And why should the people of West Virginia have all the jobs related to the casino? People who are compulsive gamblers will find a place to do it anyway."
Source: www.vindy.com

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