Postal Service shouldn't put Communist on stamp

Postal Service shouldn'tput Communist on stamp
In the September issue of the V.F.W. magazine, an article stated that the U.S. Postal Service has chosen to honor a foreign adherent of totalitarianism on an American stamp.
The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is the first avowed Communist to appear on a U.S. stamp.
She wrote of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, "I love them as the pillars of the new Communist world."
The word patriotism has lost a lot of its meaning when we lower our standards to honor people of that caliber.
This same Postal Service in 1999 denied a 100th anniversary commemorative stamp for the V.F.W.
It also turned down a stamp in honor of the Marine Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller -- a legend in Marine Corps history.
I guess if you aren't a Mickey Mouse, Elvis, or the Three Stooges, you just don't cut it with the Postal Service.
Catering to the likes of an avowed Communist in lieu of people who have fought and died for this country is disgusting.
For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.
Wrong to brand attacks as punishment for sin
Recently Jerry Falwell stated flatly that the terrorist attack on New York was a direct result of Americas immorality. Blaming gay lifestyles, abortion, gambling, and any other activity which he finds contrary to his religious beliefs. Then Father Witt of St Brendan parish went so far as to blame the attack on legalized abortion and the & quot;culture of death."
Was Pearl Harbor also retribution for some societal evil that Americans were embracing in the '20s and '30s? Are acts of nature such as earthquakes and hurricanes payback from God for sinful behavior? I don't think so!
I can remember years ago in Sunday school, the church taught me that God was all powerful and all good. Now I'm hearing that God is not all powerful and God is vengeful. Which is it?
Men of the cloth, such as the aforementioned Falwell and Witt, do a disservice to their congregations and society as a whole when they try to associate the acts of evil people or nature as punishment for sins. The God that I believe in certainly isn't a vengeful one and associating random events to him is in itself self serving.
Mr. Falwell has since apologized and claimed that he was misquoted. Does Father Witt have the courage to admit that he too is wrong?
Wilson's class of 1941 still proud of school, students
The 1941 Class of Woodrow Wilson High School recently celebrated its 60th year class reunion at Boardman Holiday Inn. Special guests were the present principal, Larry Lushinsky, and his wife.
The next day we visited the school for a luncheon. It was a nostalgic moment when the student choir sang a patriotic song. It brought tears to our eyes, even to the students.
The students showed great enthusiasm and were interested in hearing about our experiences these past years. They listened to our comments, especially when one of our class veterans related some of the experiences of the past war years.
The school newspaper editors took notes to print in their next paper.
The class officers were our guides, showing us the various activity rooms. We were impressed with the condition of the school, its additions and the materials available to the pupils.
We encourage them to further their education; they are the future leaders of our area and our country. We are very proud of our alma mater, the faculty and students.