A loving God doesn't condemn the innocent

A loving God doesn't condemn the innocent
I am sorry that the God of Father Witt is so angry with Americans that he would allow thousands of innocent people, born and unborn, to be sacrificed for his message.
My God gave mankind free will with consequences to be met in this life or at God's feet. My God loves even the sinner, but that sinner will suffer the consequences.
As we raise our children, we teach them that our love, a parent's love, never stops. We teach them right from wrong, and they learn that they and only they will suffer for their actions, not thousands of innocents.
It's called unconditional love. You get it from loving parents and a loving God. I am sorry that Father Witt has been deprived of at least one of these.
Islamic studies professor spoke only for himself
I would like to clarify my position as reported in the Sept. 18 Vindicator with regard to Rep. Jim Traficant's remarks that the American policy in the Mideast is so one-sided that we are now endangering American lives.
To the question, whether the American Mideast policy is one-sided, I replied in the affirmative. To the question, whether that policy was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, I replied in the negative. The report, based on a telephone interview with me, does not make the crucial distinction between the two parts of my statement.
I made it very clear that I was speaking in my personal capacity. The article makes it appear as if I were representing the Muslim community.
The article has, unfortunately, hurt the cause of interfaith dialogue and harmony that involves so many individuals (including myself) and organizations (including Youngstown's Muslim community) in this area.
Professor of Islamic Studies
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, YSU
Difficulty for parents: explaining tragedy
I am writing about the recent tragic events. I thought that this scared empty feeling would go away. But it still lingers. My son is a 1st grader in Boardman schools and his teacher told the class of what happened (briefly) because parents were signing their children out of class.
My 6-year old son asked me, & quot;Mommy, why do other people hate us so much? Are we going to die too? & quot; How on earth do I reply to such questions? I hate that I am even being asked this from him. He is so innocent, and I am terrified. I have never thought that I would ever witness such a horrible act on the United States!
I hear stories of World War II from my grandfather, and his face shows deep concern. What are we to tell our children? This isn't something that we can sugar-coat. This is very real.
I am now unable to answer simple questions from my own 6-year old. I can only assure him he is safe and we will be fine. But will we? For this I am scared, and as a mother I feel helpless.
U.S. policies can't be used as an excuse for murder
This letter is in response to a letter from a local doctor. While he may disagree with with our Middle East policies, that does not give anyone the right to commit mass murder.
Should I find myself disagreeing with his office policies, for example, charging me for an office visit without proper notice of cancellation, does that give me the right to drive my SUV through his office door killing everyone in there?
I think not, nor do our Middle East policies give terrorists the right to attack innocent people in the United States.