Fine symphony concert offered needed respite

Fine symphony concert offered needed respite
A bright star shone in the Valley last Tuesday, and for a short time the packed house at Powers Auditorium could stop thinking about the unthinkable. What a wonderful opportunity for those who attended the Michael Bolton concert with the Youngstown Symphony. The music, the lighting, the energy of the performers and the crowd were a welcome break. The events of the past week were not totally forgotten, as Michael commented on the unity of the American people he experienced during his current tour.
We have a great opportunity here in the Valley to witness talent in many forms at Powers -- concerts, musical theater and local productions.
The full house last Tuesday shows that such entertainment is appreciated by the Valley people. We should bring in big names more often. The Youngstown Symphony is one of the best values in the area.
Provide protection for frightened witnesses
This is in response to the Sept. 4 article in which Judge R. Scott Krichbaum refers to a witness as a coward. I'd like to know what protection was provided to this witness who feared for his life.
Does Judge Krichbaum know how many people who attempt to testify against murder suspects have been harmed or killed? Where does Judge Krichbaum live? I have lived on the South Side of Youngstown for 38 years.
Cowards are those responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I would not be so quick to call someone a coward for not testifying, when it is well known that he may be killed for doing so.
Christians should be ever grateful to Jewish people
During his appearance on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives Rep. James Traficant blamed U.S.-Israeli relations for the terrorists attacks on America on September 11. Mr Traficant could not be more wrong. Part of the reason for this nation's abundant blessings over the years has been its support of the nation of Israel. Over 3,500 years ago God told Abraham, the progenitor of all Jews, "I will bless those who bless you."
All Christians everywhere owe their knowledge of God to the Jewish people. God revealed all 66 books of Scripture to Jewish writers with the single exception of one author, the Greek physician Luke, who penned the Gospel of Luke and Acts.
The original Christians of first century churches were mostly Jewish converts and each of twelve apostles were Jews.
Finally, and of chief importance, it was through His carnation into the flesh of a Jew that God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ.
Every true Christian should thank God every day for the Jewish people and should discourage all forms of anti-Semitism. Furthermore we should be supportive of every effort by our government to protect and preserve the land that God granted them over three millennia ago.
Anti-immigrant racism not justified by events
I have noticed a lot of direct racism toward Middle Eastern immigrants in the United States as a result of the incident. This racism cannot be justified by the events that occurred. I can understand people's fear and insecurity, but the actions of a few (or even many) cannot represent the actions of the whole.
America worth dying for
After the events of last week, I was saddened to read the interviews with YSU students. While I respect that they are entitled to their comments I feel that the student who stated that "America is great, but it's nothing to die for" should be ashamed to call himself an American. He is no better than the cowards who attacked us on September11.
Where would this great country be if our forefathers felt this way during the Revolutionary War or World War II?
Or maybe the student who said this doesn't realize that our fathers gave their lives so he could have the freedom to speak as he did against our country.