Divorces asked
Pamela Yourick, 73 Pueblo Lane, Columbiana, vs. Howard Yourick, 1050 B. W. Main St., Washingtonville.
Brenda Day, 31818 state Route 172, Hanoverton, vs. Harold Day, 46266 Kelly Ave., East Liverpool.
Stacey Call, 17543 McIntosh Road, Wellsville, vs. Richard Call, same.
Libby Crothers, 635 E. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, vs. Alton Crothers, 16363 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool.
Brian Thomas, 1108 Homeworth Road, Alliance, vs. Melissa Thomas, 3188 Lake Road, Beloit.
Domestic relations
Heather Schenk vs. Christian Schenk, divorce granted.
John Mitchell vs. Beverly Mitchell, same.
Christine Simons vs. Al Simones, same.
Tammy Bodnar vs. Tim Bodnar, same.
Mark Shaffer and Janet Shaffer, dissolution granted.
Beth Saltsman and Jeffrey Saltsman, same.
Antonio Monteiro and Dawn Monteiro, same.
Brent Bosco and Andrea Bosco, same.
Rebecca Cooper and Michael Cooper, same.
Kenneth Wright and Patricia Wright, same.
New complaints
Sky Bank vs. Michael Mackey II, money.
Jacob Walgate vs. Christine Howell, personal injury.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. vs. Daniel Weaver, money.
Jeffrey Medure et al vs. Marissa Medure et al, money.
Alexander Terry vs. David Williams et al, money.
Rancy Industries vs. Rex Machine, money.
Docket entries
National City Bank vs. Michael Thayer et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Telmark LLC vs. Michael Crider et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Farmers National Bank vs. Richard Wilson, judgment for plaintiff.
Real estate transfers
Christine Barr to Ralph Scott, Unity Twp., $2,000.
Gerald Madden et al to Stephen Doringo et al, West Twp., $2,000.
Teresa Lewis et al to Teresa Wilson, Salineville, $8,000.
Ronald Talbott to James Cantwell, East Liverpool, $18,000.
Charles Pickens et al to Gary Kolschowsky, East Liverpool, $6,120.
Chuck Bennett to Alfred Tambellini et al, East Liverpool, $45,000.
David Hadley to Lori Rudibaugh, East Liverpool, $17,000.
Joann Paugh to Joseph Beebout, Liverpool Twp., $17,000.
Joseph Beebout to Eric Wilson et al, Liverpool Twp., $14,500.
Patricia Shaffer to William Lamp et al, Middletown Twp., $40,000.
Irene Sauer to Jessica Abnner, Middletown Twp., $26,488.
Larry Adkins to Robert Swisher et al, Madison Twp., $2,900.
Larry Adkins to Robert Swisher et al, Madison Twp., $14,390.
Charles Beebout et al to Randy Beebout et al, St. Clair Twp., $94,000.
David Hundorfean to Ohio Bell Telephone Co., Columbiana, $185,000.
Gary Moore to Michael Cook, Wellsville, $15,200.
Shawn Anderson et al to Jeremy Collins, Unity Twp., $114,000.
Naomi Gunderson to Louis Tuttle, Washington Twp., $35,800.
Teresa Mancich to Joshua Kupka, Center Twp., $115,000.
Darrell Powell et al to Lucien Chipley, Center Twp., $91,000.
Catherine Driscoll to Paul Katona, Unity Twp., $115,520.
Edith Alexander to Beverly Frantz, East Liverpool, $67,000.
St. Aloysius Catholic Church to Dorsey Stowers et al, East Liverpool, $15,200.
Christina Hanlon to LaSalle Bank National Assoc., East Liverpool, $11,000.
Richard Thomas to Kathy Nordine, East Liverpool, $22,000.
William Savors to Joseph Savors, East Liverpool, $15,000.
Jackie Zacharias to Anthony Venezia et al, East Liverpool, $15,000.

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