Book of basic information filled with tips on skin care

It's not exactly a pop-up book, but if ever there was a simple how-to primer, it's "The Beauty Workbook: A Commonsense Approach to Skin Care, Makeup, Hair and Nails" (Chronicle Books; $24.95).
Written by Cynthia Robins, a San Francisco newspaper columnist, it is laid out according to the major categories, separated by page markers so a subject is easy to locate. She tries to cut through the hype of the cosmetics industry by supplying the consumer with very basic information.
If you want to know about skin care, turn to the first section and get a summary of skin structure, the dangers of sun damage and some treatment products available. She does not delve into the pros and cons of various theories, and if you've been following skin care developments over the years, you may find the information a bit basic and unsophisticated.
On the plus size, she tells you what ingredients to look for in a sunscreen. And on makeup, she offers advice on doing more for yourself. Be adventurous enough to try a new lipstick, nail color and fragrance, she says. Update your makeup so you do not look frozen in time. Go light on the foundation, especially as you age. And never be afraid to experiment.

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