Americans 'fanatical' about ideals and values

Americans 'fanatical' about ideals and values
What the Mideastern fanatics will come to understand, and perhaps the world, and yes, Americans themselves, is that we are fanatical also -- about America, our homeland and values. Not money, not capitalism, not Christianity, not any of the other myriad religions that flourish in our country represents our true religion, but America itself, the idea of America, our American Ideals.
For us, there is no top to it, and no bottom to it. Martyrs and heroes we have aplenty with a thousand-million more to come. Americans, rich and poor, of every hue of color, have rushed into harm's way to defend America, and will continue to do so, worlds with or without end. Amen.
We are an imperfect people. Over and over again we fail ourselves and others as Americans, but we never fail in our belief in American Ideals. Never. That is our fanaticism. And a primary ideal is this: We impose our will on no people who do not attempt to impose their will on us.
What should America do? I leave that response to better informed and less volatile natures than my own. It can't hurt, however, to be instructed by the cat. Cats seek out the most hidden of creatures, rat and mice and mole, and birds that easily take flight, a seemingly impossible prey.
To have patience, to wait and wait, to gather precise information, to see everything by day and by night, and then decide to sheathe our claws or shake out the lighting, and strike.
We have decisions to make. May our own American ideals guide us to make the right ones.
Appeasing terrorists will never be the answer
With his latest outburst, Congressman Traficant has managed to even outdo himself. Suggesting the U.S. must change its Middle East policy to appease a group of terrorists and extremists is the thinking of a moron at best and perhaps a racist at heart.
Does Traficant and some of the contributors to this page really believe appeasement is the answer? Remember & quot;Peace in our time & quot; before World War ll? Hitler was appeased. Like any terrorist and blackmailer worth his salt he wanted more and more until the whole world was at war. Maybe history is not these detractors' strong suit.
Even more appalling than Traficant's statements [one cannot expect much of him] were the statements by local Muslim and Arab leaders calling Traficant's remarks, & quot;political courage. & quot; This is the direct opposite of our leaders' opinions and can be considered by some [myself included] as an "in your face & quot; stance.
We need to come together behind the policies of our president and his advisors. The old adage, & quot;Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country & quot; has never been more true.
Americans have chosen to live without threats. We cannot be blackmailed.
North Jackson
Bin Laden must be held accountable for terrorism
I am responding to the letter & quot;U.S. policy in Mideast to blame for terrorist attack & quot; After reading the letter, I don't know if I was more surprised that someone wrote the letter and submitted it or that The Vindicator would print it.
I tend to have a different opinion of what Osama bin Laden is and isn't responsible for in wake of these attacks. Just because he did not perpetrate the attacks personally does not make him innocent of this crime.
The letter would have readers believe that at the most, bin Laden is only responsible for the travel arrangements of the hijackers. The truth of the matter is that this man not only funded their training, travel and other expenses but has also preached to his followers that these actions are just and called for, when in reality they are not. He has fueled the fire of hatred towards the United States in many ways. Declaring war on the United States military along with taxpayers of this country makes him a little more guilty than just being a bad travel agent
While, as the writer suggests, finding him may be like that of finding a needle in a haystack, my understanding of the United States' position is that, at times, we may have to burn that haystack down to get to that needle.
The United States has held much of the same foreign policy concerning Israel for over 30 years. Whether you agree with it or not, the policy is made by the same lawmakers whom you and I vote into office. Many men and women before us have fought and died so that these lawmakers are able to perform such acts as establishing and defend these policies.
To suggest that this country shamelessly shy away from its commitments abroad to appease these terrorists because we may not be able to find the enemy right away strikes me as a cowardly act. I, for one, have seen enough cowardly acts this week. God bless those who founded this country and those who defend its freedoms.
Dedicated physicians must not be harassed
I am writing my letter in regards to the article "Turbans don't mean terrorists, stress Sikhs who were harassed" in last Sunday's Vindicator.
Dr. Tejinder Bal and Dr. Digvijay Singh are two of the best and finest pulmonary specialists you will ever find anywhere in the world. They have treated my mother for years for chronic pulmonary lung ailments with great care, concern and compassion.
You will not be able to find doctors with the high level of competence that you will find in Dr. Bal and Dr. Singh.
If our area lost these two outstanding doctors that also would be a terrible tragedy. They are two of the most wonderful people you would ever want to meet.
Students' attitudes a source of shame
I have never been so ashamed of any "fellow" Americans in my life, as I am of the interviewed college students in Saturday's paper. Twelve free Americans had the most lame excuses I've ever heard. Their family is already represented or it depends on the country or only in the field of my expertise. The other oddball ought to get down on bended knees and pray for all those cowards.
What if the Veterans of World Wars I and II or the Korean War felt this way? Have these young people never heard of Pearl Harbor? This isn't Vietnam. This was a life- and world-altering mass killing. These turncoats probably couldn't go to school, or vote or even be interviewed if it weren't for brave people who fought for these freedoms for them.
I pray we don't depend on the likes of them to keep peace in the world. The world as we knew it changed Sept. 11. Perhaps they should be more grateful for the country they don' want to defend, and God bless the few in the interview that said they would volunteer. What are the odds Andrea Westfall is going to school on the GI bill?
I have two sons whom I don't want to see involved in this but "all Americans" became involved Sept. 11.
More killing won't help
I would like to say that I love the United States, and I think that the recent events are horrible, tragic and saddening.
I believe that you can never win someone over to your point of view by committing a nonsensical act. I do not believe that anyone gained new perspective from these recent deplorable acts of murder against our country and human life. I also do not believe that anyone would gain new perspective from more killing.
I truly hope that our country can find some civil way, with all of the wonderful knowledge and technologies that we have today, to resolve these heinous crimes without more deaths. I hope that we do not seek to justify killing, by killing. I love my country very much and I do believe that every possible action should be taken to protect U.S. citizens; however, I do not think that more deaths are the way to make sense of anything. I think that as we grieve for the innocent lives lost, we should also grieve for the sad, twisted souls that thought these acts would bring anyone around to see their point of view.
Stand proud of America
I believe America will prevail. We stand united in our freedom, and we are one nation under God.
As American citizens, we need to fight terrorism -- not be defeated, but to defend our rights as Americans.
This cruel act of terrorism not only affected millions of Americans, but countless other countries as well. Who would have known getting on a plane would have cost people their lives and endanger thousands of others?
We stand proud of our National Anthem and the bold eagle who spreads his wings like a blanket to keep all Americans protected from the evil that is in the world.
X The writer is a freshman at Youngstown State University, majoring in early childhood education.