WASHINGTONVILLE Mayor to quit soon, official says

Councilwoman Theresa Allison described the mayor as frustrated by constant opposition.
WASHINGTONVILLE -- Mayor Charles Morrow has resigned with two years left on his term, and one councilwoman said there will be no changing his mind.
"I knew this was coming," Councilwoman Theresa Allison said. "I thought maybe we could change his mind, but he is very determined."
Morrow refused to comment when contacted today.
Allison said Council President Roy Hartman is to take over as mayor.
"I think Chuck has been grooming him for this -- that's just my opinion -- but I don't know if he'll take it," she said. "I know Chuck feels bad, but why should he stay and be harassed when he could go to Florida and enjoy himself?
"It's tough here," Allison continued. "For myself, I don't know if I can hold on two more years. You try to do good, and everyone fights you. It just gets under your skin."
Disputes: Allison said Morrow is frustrated over constant opposition from residents, village employees and some council members. Morrow and police have been at odds during his tenure. On one occasion, most of the department resigned.
"I don't know what we're going to do because there certainly won't be anyone out there willing to put in the time Chuck and his wife have," she said. "He's willing to get down in a hole when there's a water problem. He put up all our new flags last week. He's done a lot for the village on his own time with his own money."
Morrow will preside over mayor's court tonight and the Oct. 2 council meeting. He will present a formal resignation to council at that session, she said.

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