Kindness to others must continue in our nation

Kindness to others must continue in our nation
Sometimes when suffering comes, we ask for some sign from God, not realizing we just had one.
I was deeply moved by the presence of so many of the faithful at the Masses at the Cathedral of St. Columba since Tuesday, and the news coverage of the various other prayer services held throughout the Mahoning and Shenango valleys.
The display of unabashed patriotism and the sense of unity in our social and political arenas stirring. We, Americans, have not been this demonstrative of our faith or love of country in many years.
Although I commend the current outpouring of these emotions, the mutual aid, and the prayers, I also sincerely hope that it will be sustained over the weeks, months, and years to come. There is a general agreement that the tragic events of last week have changed our country forever. Let's also pray that these events also change our hearts forever.
It is my prayer that from this day forward we, as individuals and as nation, will remain steadfast in faith, joyful in hope, and untiring in love. In the face of such unbelievable violence, let us resolve from this day forward to, also, always be kinder than is necessary. If this is the change that comes about, perhaps we did receive a sign from God, and God blessed America.
Remember the dead as proud Americans
I died for my country today.
I was an American.
I did not die in a blaze of glory but a blaze of hatred, hatred which has been allowed to flourish, where there should have been compassion and compromise. I was an American
I was your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend and all in between I was an American
I stood for all that is good, for the brightest country in the world
I was Protestant, Catholic. Lutheran, Jewish, Baptist, Muslim and all in between. I was an American
Young , old, rich, poor, white, black and all in between. I was an American
I died today because of freedom, freedom that cannot be jeopardized. Nor will it die with me or because of me My death will not be in vain, nor will my spirit be forgotten. My country will unite, defeat, and overcome evil wherever it is found
I will not be remembered as a statistic, nor a victim but as an American proud, free and united.
The reality of satan's evil demands increased faith
Your scripture on Thursday, Sept. 13, prompted me to write to you. "The God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet. The Grace of Our Lord Jesus be with you." Romans 16:20 NIV
The world today does not like to think of the devil at all, yet we confront him often in the Gospels as we do in our own times.
Some dismiss satan as a myth or a symbolic figure embodying all evil and inexplicable events like those that happened in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.
From the fathers of the church to the popes of the 21st century we hear that it is inconsistent with scripture and personally unwise to overlook this evil presence that tempts and corrupts not only individuals but whole societies and cultures. Jesus indicates that we must be strong in pursuing our conflict with the powers of darkness.
There is absolutely only one way that the wounded children of Adam and Eve can do this. We must gather with Christ, we must support His cause in every way. We must unequivocally turn from the prince of darkness as we have promised to do at baptism. God gave free will to every human this in this world, and we all use this gift from the time of birth to the end of our lives. Good, bad and evil actually live in every one of us but we must be very strong within to only do good.
Airlines, government to blame for lax security
The airlines are an industry. It is sad that so many industries are suffering cutbacks and demise in this new presidential administration. Continental and Northwest have announced serious layoffs due to lack of potential service. I am shocked that a country as sophisticated as the U.S.A. cannot devise ways in which to safely fly our own citizens within our own country. Why are our own Americans now persecuted with long lines?
Aliens traveling on domestic flights should be scrutinized. I see that in Boston -- where two hijacked flights originated -- they were not scrutinized. And they purchased one-way tickets.
I see that no one has been called to task for the breaches committed in last Tuesday's devastation. Why not? Where are the workers who casually allowed these individuals to board with the innocents? Let the non-citizens wait for domestic flights. America is being punished for non-citizen crimes.
Israel's El-Al Airline seems to have a great handle on avoiding hijacking, including putting guards on all planes. I certainly would pay an extra fee for that security. It is embarrassing that such a small country can be so far superior in defense issues. If the government wishes to apply restrictions, let the government pay by way of security, and pass the cost on to the traveler.
We have become complacent and yet Bush states he knew we were targets months ago -- if he knew, why weren't plans formulated? Why were we not informed? Now, instantly, Bush tells all of us he knows who caused this devastation to our country. Did it take the crashes to find this out? If he knew, why did the government not move to correct boarding priorities before this? It is the government's job to protect us, and they failed. Now, the government wants to punish us.
When will American lives be normal again?
As a freshman at YSU, I am considered an adult but now see myself frightened as a child. I awoke on Tuesday morning not knowing what was taking place in the world I live in. I went to my morning class as usual and as I sat outside on my break looking around, I had no idea my life would change forever.
A friend of mine told me what was going on, but neither of us expected it to be this bad. We went inside and watched on a big screen over and over the twin towers falling down.
At that time I don't think it really hit anyone what we were actually watching. As our generation has grown up, we have been a big part of new technologies in movies these days, and what we were watching looked exactly like "Independence Day," or "Air Force One." Now that it's sinking in, I feel sick everyday that someone could do this to our country.
Now we are faced with war, something I have only heard about from my high school history books. It scares me to think that the boys I have grown up with -- and may I state again boys, will be out there protecting our lives.
I have two older brothers and all I can think about is what if they have to go to war? This whole situation just sickens me. The fact that there are people in this world that care enough about ruining our country to kill themselves.
However, I am proud of our nation when I turn on the television and see all the brave Americans risking their lives for others, and for donating so much blood they cannot even accept it anymore.
I pray everyday that sometime our lives will be normal again. I pray that someday, these disgusting acts of violence will stop.
Traficant's remarks border on treason
I listened in disbelief, to Congressman Traficant's comments following the terrorist attacks on our nation.
It occurs to me that I remember Mr. Traficant having some financial ties to the Middle East. Could it be that his interests insofar as that is concerned are there? His remarks seemed, at this time, almost treasonous, at the very least embarrassing to our community. Will he take us down with him?
Airport security measures don't go far enough
The extra security measures being taken by airports and the airlines in light of the unprecedented four hijackings do not go far enough in my opinion. There are three things that can be done that will increase real and perceived security easily ten-fold.
First, the only carry on baggage allowed should be clear plastic bags manufactured and supplied for that purpose only.
Second, all clear bags would be hand searched at the X-ray/metal detector gate areas at the airport. Because of the relatively small size of these bags, a hand search of the bag could be accomplished in a very short time.
Third, all passengers boarding an airplane should be "frisked" by security personnel. All gates would be staffed by male and female security so that passengers would be "frisked" by a same-sex security officer only. These frisks would be as non-invasive as possible making sure that no passenger has any items on their person.