EXCERPTS Letters, journal entries

I know if it was me in New York and Washington D.C. you guys would have gone in thier [sic] and saved me. You guys are so brave. ... When I grow up I hope to be as brave as you guys.
-- Letter to a police officerfrom Anthony Luchansky, Grade 6
I thought that this would probably happen one day, but I never thought I would live to see it. It's very scary to think this could lead to war, possibly even World War III. Even through the devastation, our country came together to help the wounded and all the families who lost loved ones. ... I am very proud to be an American and so is everyone else so as hard as they try, they will never take away our freedom and reputation. We as Americans will stand tall against our enemies and fight for our freedom. I know God will bless us and "the home of the brave," America.
-- Journal entry on "Wall of Caring,"
Danielle Mordocco, Grade 8
Thank you for willing to risk your life for regular people like me. ... [Y]ou choose to help people in danger. Without you the world would be a very messed up place!
-- Letter to a police officer,from Jeanine Salata, Grade 6
I'm sure you are feeling the same way I am right now. What is going to happen next? ... We are suposed [sic] to love one another, not fight with them! This has to stop and I'm gonna try to think of a way to make it stop!
-- Letter to a police officer,from Jocelyn Blackson, Grade 6
I was very shocked about what happened yesterday. It was horific. [sic] ... It's dispickable [sic] that someone would do such a thing. ... I'm so mad and angry. ... I'm so greatful [sic] for you. You put you lives in danger for us all the time. You are very brave. I'm very proud there are people like you.
-- Letter to a firefighter,from Donnie Lewis, Grade 6
Yesterday our nation was changed, and will remain changed for years to come. Every person in America lost something that day. ... So many people lost their lives yesterday. So as you go about your lives today, be greatful [sic] that you are alive at this very moment, and never forget those who need your prayers the most.
-- Journal entry on "Wall of Caring,"
Paige Kasten, Grade 8
Source: Canfield Village Middle School pupils

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