Couple mourns grandson's death

The family had been looking forward to a wedding next September.
LIBERTY -- Pete Fetchet says his wife, Betty, has "cried two buckets of tears."
And Fetchet acknowledges he, too, has wept for their 25-year-old grandson who was killed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.
Brad Fetchet of New Canaan, Conn., was a broker with Keefer-Bruyette-Woods Inc., when a highjacked aircraft struck Tower 2 where he worked.
Fetchet was able to call his father from his 89th-floor office.
"Dad, I'm out of here," Fetchet said his grandson told his father, Frank, by phone.
That's the last the family heard of him.
Fetchet speculates his grandson went to the second floor before he died.
"We presume he got smoke inhalation and died. They were cremated," Fetchet said as he sat next to his wife Tuesday in their Fifth Avenue Extension home.
The family had been looking forward to Brad's marriage next September to Brooke Stengel of New Canaan, who was in the banking business and a ballet dancer.
Instead, the Fetchets will be going to St. Thomas Moore Church in New Canaan for their grandson's funeral Sept. 28.
He is among about 60 Keefer-Bruyette-Woods employees who cannot be found in the rubble of the collapsed twin towers.
Memories: "He was a good kid, no trouble," Betty Fetchet said.
Pete Fetchet called attention to Brad's days as a high school hockey and lacrosse player and his 1999 graduation from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa.
It's been difficult for the local couple, watching television and a rescue effort slowly turning to body recovery.
On Monday, their son Frank, an IBM vice president, called his parents from Connecticut to concede Brad's death.
"It's all over," he told them.
Support: The Fetchets believe President Bush is on the right track in going after terrorism suspect Osama bin Laden.
Betty Fetchet wants to see Iraqi President Saddam Hussein added to the list.
"I'd like to see Bush get the ones behind it," Pete Fetchet added.
Betty Fetchet is critical of the federal government, especially during the administration of President Carter, when the CIA was weakened.
"They should have had better surveillance," Betty Fetchet said. "How can they have highjacked four planes?"
Although Pete Fetchet said he and his wife will "just have to get over it," they'll never forget their grandson.
"I want an eye for an eye," Betty Fetchet said with a stern look on her face. "I'm just mad. It shouldn't have happened."
"They killed a nice guy," she added, pointing out this is the first tragedy to strike their family.
"When it hits the family, it's tough," her husband said.

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