2 big rigs to haul donated supplies to N.Y.

The trucker and hiswife saw the twintowers fall.
WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. -- The family and friends of Francis M. Huzina filled one tractor-trailer and they've started on a second, loading it with all kinds of supplies for search-and-rescue crews in New York City.
They plan to roll both rigs toward the Big Apple on Sunday night.
Huzina is an independent Sharon trucker who saw the World Trade Center towers collapse during last week's terrorist attack in the nation's largest city.
Huzina and his wife, Patricia, were making a run into New York and were just 10 miles from what is now commonly referred to as "ground zero," the area where the towers fell.
Huzina stopped and asked firefighters what they needed and came back home determined to help meet that need.
Collection helpers: He enlisted the help of a number of people, including Scott A. McCuskey, owner of Coast To Coast Home Equity Corp. in Shenango Township, who offered Huzina a place to park his trailer and secured a tent to shelter goods being collected for the trip.
Huzina was out on the road making a living Tuesday, but his daughter, Dawn Penzerro, was at Coast To Coast coordinating the collection effort.
Her father's 53-foot trailer was filled.
"We're working on a second one. This has been a really big turnout we didn't expect," Penzerro said.
People and businesses are coming from all over to donate items, she said, noting volunteers are manning the tent from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily.
Penzerro said her father has secured the services of a second volunteer driver to haul the second trailer to New York and a number of volunteers will go along to unload them.
Generosity: "People have just been fantastic," Penzerro said, noting that many who appeared to have little of their own have shown up to give what they can, including a 7-year-old girl who handed Huzina her 75-cent allowance to help cover the cost of fuel for the trip.
Michelle Vigus, a Coast To Coast employee who is helping coordinate the collections, said she was most impressed by one woman who, after learning of the need for clothing for the search-and-rescue crews, brought her deceased son's clothing to the drop-off point at 25 Executive Court, off state Route 318 just east of West Middlesex.
People have even brought in dog food and leather dog booties for the search-and- rescue animals, she said.
Huzina had planned to haul his load to New York today but delayed the trip until Sunday because of the large outpouring of community support, Penzerro said.

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