Marriage licenses
Joshua J. Bowers, 21, of 314 Poland Ave. #2, Struthers, and Dawn M. Parsons, 23, of same.
David P. Nespeca, 42, of 830 N. Main St., Poland, and Susan M. Tracey, 41, of same.
James C. Stango, 27, of 16 S. Wright St., Naperville, Ill., and Nicole M. DiFrangia, 23, of same.
Michael L. Hammond, 43, of 10858 12th St., North Benton, and Tawnja M. Polverine, 39, of same.
Harold D. Nall, 40, of 1936 Country Club Ave., Poland, and Amy L. DiMuzio, 26, of same.
David J. Rischar, 37, of 56 Kroeck Ave., Austintown, and Kathi L. Kovalchik, 27, of 4531 Deopham Green, Austintown.
Ronald L. Liberty Jr., 29, of 520 Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman, and Lindsay K. Reynolds, 24, of same.
Todd Seyler, 26, of 7544 Market St. #411, Boardman, and Jennifer L. Mayorga, 24, of same.
Divorces asked
Linda L. Kreinbrook, 159 S. Main St., Austintown, vs. Dennis J. Kreinbrook, 1889 Lancaster, Youngstown.
Nancy M. Manuel, 1824 Logan Ave., Youngstown, vs. James E. Manuel Jr., 15 New York, Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Vickie L. Gwilt, 2309 Birchtrace Drive, Austintown, and John L. Gwilt, 2309 Birchtrace Drive, Austintown.
New complaints
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Arthur Altman et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
David B. Roberts vs. Gary Gulu et al, money.
Terry S. Dillon et al vs. Nancy Leon et al, request for production of documents and request for insurance agreements.
Joann Bachani et al vs. Annie B. Armour et al, money.
Robert Petruska vs. New Crossroads RV Inc. et al, money.
Angela Shelley vs. Women's Health Services et al, money.
Robert E. Benish vs. Cincinnati Insurance Co. et al, money.
John H. Navarro vs. Grange Mutual Casualty, money.
WFMJ Television Inc. vs. Leonard Romutis, money.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Frederick Sims, sentenced to 128 days for receiving stolen property, to run concurrently then community control shall be negatively terminated.
State of Ohio vs. Charles M. Butler, judicial release is withdrawn.
State of Ohio vs. Edward E. Miller, to undergo rehabilitation for 2 years for possession of cocaine, with other conditions.
State of Ohio vs. Edmund J. Miller, to undergo rehabilitation for 2 years, with other conditions.
Alpha Aircraft Charter Ltd. vs. John C. Green et al, settled.
Shirley A. Irey et al vs. James L. Peace et al, dismissed.
Kathleen L. Parker vs. Giant Eagle Inc., dismissed.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Joseph F. Greier et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
United Co. Lending Corp. vs. Eugene Stamps et al, foreclosure.
Frenchtown Square Partner vs. Piercing Pagoda Inc., dismissed.
Sandusky Mall Co. vs. Piercing Pagoda Inc., dismissed.
Creditrust Corp. vs. James Ammed, dismissed.
First Union National Bank of Delaware vs. Christopher W. King et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
Wells Fargo vs. Daniel A. Newman et al, judgment entry and decree.
Eric Philips vs. Thomas E. Zumpella et al, dismissed.
Laura Waller et al vs. Betty T. Bressler et al, Laura Waller only, dismissed.
Robert Tucker vs. Caroline Morgan, dismissed.
National Restaurant Development Ltd. vs. Lester M. Szabados, settled and dismissed.
Nancy A. Leskovac et al vs. Fannie Moore Johnson et al, settled and dismissed.
Ronald J. Debelyak et al vs. Amy E. Klier, settled and dismissed except for Ronald J. Debelyak still pending.
State of Ohio vs. Joseph S. Maderitz, sentenced to 90 days and three years of community control, and driver's license suspended for one year for aggravated trafficking in drugs.
State of Ohio vs. Paulette Orr, sentenced to 2 years community control and other conditions for possession of cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. Kevin Wallace, granted three years community control, to successfully complete outpatient program at Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic and driver's license suspended for six months for possession of cocaine and carrying a concealed weapon.
State of Ohio vs. Raheen Traylor, sentenced to 2 years community control with other conditions for carrying concealed weapons.
State of Ohio vs. Danny S. Bullen Jr., community control is negatively terminated.
State of Ohio vs. William Stefano, put on four years of community control with other conditions for gross sexual imposition.
Rosalind J. Berardino vs. Fred Schmader, settled and dismissed.
Frederick W. Martin vs. National City Bank et al, settled and dismissed.
Denise E. Clifford et al vs. Joseph Ridel, judgment for plaintiffs.
Mary K. Higham et al vs. State Farm Mutual Insurance, settled and dismissed.
J and G Assoc. et al vs. Anthony S. Gutierrez et al, default judgment for plaintiffs.
John R. Tesyk Jr. vs. Jeff Lewis et al, settled and dismissed.
Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. Alvareta Johnson et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Alliance Mortgage vs. Roland Farrell et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Regions Mortgage vs. Vincent W. Stille et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Unknown heirs of Ablen Mike, foreclosure.
Federal National Mortgage vs. Jeremiah G. Blaylock et al, dismissed.
Jack Boano Jr. vs. Milton C. Mitchell Jr. et al, judgment of cognovit note for plaintiff.
Mary K. Barrette et al vs. Norma W. Hoffmaster et al, dismissed.
Sandra Lozier et al to Ohio Wine Imports Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Adlaka and Assoc. Inc. vs. Danridge Nursing Home Inc. et al, dismissed.
Probate court
Will of George Santiago: estate to wife, Candelaria.
Will of Ralph J. Valentine: estate to Mahoning National Bank.
Will of Rita M. Auman: estate to children, Nancy J., Christina, Sandra and James.
Will of Katherine M. Oliver: estate to husband, Donald L.
Will of Margaret Maher: estate to cousin, Irene Sharkey.
Will of Chester E. Riley: estate to son, Michael J. Riley Sr., with specific bequests.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Jason T. and Lanisa M. Mott, 4155 Claridge Drive, Youngstown, he: commercial door installer, Omega Door; she: none; liabilities, $220,452; assets, $222,030.
Gary T. Kling, 93 Ferncliff, Boardman, construction, Huko and Young; liabilities, $23,650; assets, $1,440.
Dan Stepki, 11083 Arrel, Poland, none; liabilities, $14,424; assets, $200.
Juanita A. Pete, of 34 W. Philadelphia, Youngstown, direct care staff, Gateways to Better Living; liabilities, $16,234; assets, $1,040.
Michael V. and Kimberly K. Boccia, 25 Audubon Lane, Poland, he: marketing director; she: none; liabilities, $226,029; assets, $164,500.

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