MIKE BRAUN Terror's effects reach the outdoors

If there were an area far removed from the tragedy of the past week, one might think it would be anything involved with the outdoors -- hunting, fishing, camping, etc.
Think again.
Restriction imposed: Shortly after the death and destruction Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began asking people at campgrounds near Corps-operated dams to pack up their gear and move on.
The request was made, according to Corps officials, to help limit public access to the large concrete structures used to impound water, such as the Tionesta Dam in western Pennsylvania.
At that site, rangers also put into place barricades along roads leading to the dam.
While officials with the Corps would not discuss what controls it would put into place, it did say access by the public had been restricted to the 16 flood-control dams in the Pittsburgh district.
The access restriction was put into place as a prudent precaution, Corps officials said.
Meanwhile, at other area parks, such as Mosquito Lake, access is normal and no restrictions have been put into place, a state park official reported Saturday. "Camping is open as usual here," he said.
For protection: Whatever the restrictions imposed, they are for the best, for the protection of us all.
The events of the past week prove that, just when you think that you have identified the most ridiculous, irresponsible and fanatical group of people in the world -- the animals rights crowd -- along comes a different group and makes the original idiots look like a pre-school class.
There is no escaping the events of the past week. Not in the woods, not on the water. Everywhere you go there will be reminders of the scars that have been foisted upon our country.
This is a time to prove our mettle, to gut out the tough times and band together as a people, one country. There may be inconveniences, there may be detours and precautions we need to acknowledge and adhere to. We have proved in the past that we can do this, and we will prove that we can do it again.

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