TV was reason for change
In response to a letter written 8-12-01 in your column.
Mr. Grover from Poland complained about the Indians vs. Seattle being changed from a 1:00 PM to an 8:05 PM start.
If the Indians weren't a marquee team (the last time I checked, they were) then ESPN wouldn't have seen the need to change the game to Sunday night baseball, with a nationwide audience.
Furthermore the Tribe lost money on the move because the money WUAB paid Cleveland would have stayed in Cleveland. The Tribe had to split the check from ESPN with the rest of the league.
I've felt children with their parents were allowed out after the street lights went on, or in this case with the lights go on at the ballpark.
Since you won't be attending any more games at the Jake please send your remaining tickets to either Children Services, or Big Brothers.
Jim Connell
Fans disappoint trainer
I have been a member of the YSU sports medicine staff since 1989. My job is to assist the head trainer of the opposing varsity football team on game day.
Over the many years on the "enemy's" side of the field I got to know, at least for game day, many of the opposing players, coaches and whomever was associated with the team. They have always been very nice, courteous and polite to me even though I am the only Penguin among their team. In fact, I have several souvenirs given to me from the opposition.
I noticed a change in the YSU fans' attitude on the East side of the stadium toward the end of last year and the first game this year.
It appears our fans are heckling, calling the opposing team members names I will not repeat and being as rude and curt as one can be. In fact, Lock Haven's head trainer said to me, "You have some real classy fans."
Never in all my years have anyone said this to me. Needles to say I was embarrassed and lost for words. Never before have the YSU and Youngstown City Police have to stand guard behind the opposing team. Remember, if it wasn't for the opposition coming into the "Ice Castle" week after week and knowing they are going to get beaten we would not have four national championships. Let's not chase them away.
We are all part of this team, the fans, players, coaches, trainers, cheerleaders, managers and others. Let us, as a team, be a little more respectful and polite to the opposition.
Wayne Mancino
YSU sports medicine staff
Earnhardt win wasn't fixed
This letter is in response to the allegations following Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s win at Daytona. How are you going to get 42 teams (5 of which were eligible for a million dollars) to agree to let someone else win?
Everyone knew the Dale Earnhardt Inc. teams were a force to be reckoned with after their performance at the Daytona 500 Jr.s' team built a great car and performed great pitstops. One little mistake would have changed everything. As far as I'm concerned, that race was won by heart and determination, not by a fix.
Shannon Inbody

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