SHARON New York-bound, couple will search for daughter

The couple said their daughter's employer helped arrange for them to stay in a family assistance center.
SHARON, Pa. -- John and Julianne Koborie are taking the search for their daughter to the place where she disappeared -- New York City.
Rebecca Koborie, 48, of Guttenburg, N.J., was believed to be at work on the 97th floor of North Tower of the World Trade Center when a hijacked airliner slammed into the building.
No one has heard from her or has been able to contact her, but the Kobories aren't giving up hope that she is still alive.
"I'm just hoping that we can find her," said Koborie, 75, of Trumbull Avenue.
He said he and his wife, who is 70, decided to go to New York on Friday morning after hearing from her employer, Marsh, Inc. Insurance Agencies.
Arrangements: Marsh has arranged for them to stay in a family assistance center, and they are scheduled to take a commercial flight out of Youngstown at 1:20 p.m. today, Koborie said.
"We're going to stay there until we find her -- one way or the other, we're going to bring her back," he vowed.
He said he will have to give authorities a DNA sample that can be used to identify his daughter if she didn't survive the attack.
Koborie said he and his wife will also be going from hospital to hospital and from shelter to shelter in the attempt to find Rebecca.
"I am very distraught," he said, acknowledging that his daughter may have been killed.
Close to impact: He believes the airplane hit the tower on the 103rd floor, just six floors above his daughter's office.
"She may have been blown out through the window," he said.
Rebecca, a 1971 graduate of Sharon High School, lived in Manhattan for 16 years, just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center. She later lived in Aberdeen, N.J., for 10 years, then got divorced and moved into a condominium in Guttenburg, Koborie said. She has no children.
A neighbor told the family he saw her leave for work around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, about 90 minutes before the attack.
Others have searched: Her ex-husband, who has remained close to the family, and others who work in New York have searched for her but to no avail, Koborie said.
Koborie said he last spoke with Rebecca about two weeks ago and that she was planning a visit to Sharon on Oct. 17. She was last home in February when he underwent heart surgery, he said.
Koborie called the attack on the World Trade Center "a cowardly act" and said he has no regard for the people who attacked "innocent, helpless people."
"But I also blame our intelligence [network]. They did not do their job," he said, suggesting they should have been able to detect the terrorists who were able to sneak into this country and even take flying lessons without being discovered.

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