JUDAISM Holy days

Jews will celebrate three holidays in the coming weeks. The holidays include:
Rosh Hashanah: Begins at sundown Monday. It marks the beginning of Jewish year 5762, and the anniversary of the creation of the world. It starts the Ten Days of Penitence. The month before, Elul, is for preparation. The Shofar, or the ram's horn, is sounded to alert people that they should prepare for the high holidays. During Rosh Hashanah, Jews evaluate their previous year, repent mistakes, and seek forgiveness from humans and God. The Ten Days of Penitence lead to:
Yom Kippur: Begins at sundown Sept. 26. It's the most solemn of Jewish holy days. A 25-hour fast and period of avoiding other comforts that is spent seeking repentance.
Sukkot: The Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving. Begins at sundown Oct. 2. It celebrates the booths Jews lived in after they left Egypt. Many Jews create outdoor booths during the festival, and eat in them, and may sleep in them.

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