In wake of attack, The Coup pulls artwork

In wake of attack,The Coup pulls artwork
Before Tuesday, the cover liner of the new CD by the anticapitalist hip-hop band The Coup depicted the World Trade Center exploding. "We changed the artwork as soon as we saw what had happened," said Daria Kelly, sales director of the label 75 Ark.
Kelly said the picture, which eerily shows group member "Boots" Riley holding a detonator in front of the exploding towers, was yanked from the San Francisco-based company's Web site shortly after Tuesday's attack.
Kelly said the artwork was done about two months ago for the band's album "Party Music," which features a single called "5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO" and is due to hit stores Nov. 6. "We were going to print them this week. Thank goodness we hadn't yet printed them," she said, adding that the new album cover would probably just bear the band's logo.
Man gets Hendrix housefor $33,853 on eBay
SEATTLE -- Right about now, Richard Osborn is probably looking for a really good mover. His bid of $33,853 was the highest when an eBay auction for the house Jimi Hendrix lived in as a teen-ager ended this week.
The white, two-bedroom house in Seattle's Central Area, complete with purple trim and cabinets, is his if he wants it. But there's a catch: The house has to be moved, and Osborn lives in Michigan.
Osborn, who couldn't be reached to comment, has three options under the terms of the auction: He can walk away, in which case the next highest bidder can buy the house; he can arrange to move the house; or he can strip it of its Hendrix-era valuables, such as floors, cabinets, doors and a claw-foot tub, and have the rest demolished.
Britney Spears cancelspromotional event
SYDNEY, Australia -- Britney Spears canceled a press conference to promote a new album Thursday, saying it was inappropriate after the terrorist attacks in the United States.
Spears was in Australia for an intensive two-day promotional trip. The 19-year-old had planned to face more than 200 international press representatives in Sydney.
"I do not feel it appropriate to hold a press conference here in Australia for the launch of my album," Spears said in a statement.
hJo Dee Messina songtakes on a new meaning
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Country singer Jo Dee Messina had just returned from Seattle when her assistant called to tell her that a Nashville radio station was playing her single "Bring On the Rain," interspersing it with audio clips from news coverage of the terrorist attacks.
She cried.
"When I recorded that song, it felt deep but it was about personal heartache," Messina said. "To know that the song also can relate to such a massive destruction, it gives the song an entirely new dimension.
"To have this song be a part of all of us uniting, feeling and connecting, is a massive deal for me."
Singer assures fanshe's alive and well
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Managers for country singer Doug Stone wanted to assure his fans that he was OK, and not the Douglas Stone listed as a passenger on one of the hijacked planes that crashed in Tuesday's attacks.
"I feel very blessed to have been at home with my wife and children when I heard the news of this overwhelming American tragedy," Stone, 45, said Wednesday. "I am very grateful for all that have called to make sure that I'm all right, and we should all join together during this difficult time to support each other."
Today's birthdays
Bluesman Snooky Pryor is 80. Actor-director Jackie Cooper is 79. Singer-musician Bobby Short is 77. Comedian Norm Crosby is 74. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Gaylord Perry is 63. Football Hall-of-Famer Merlin Olsen is 61. Opera singer Jessye Norman is 56. Rock musician Lee Dorman (Iron Butterfly) is 56. Actor Tommy Lee Jones is 55. Movie director Oliver Stone is 55. Rock musician Mitch Dorge (Crash Test Dummies) is 41. Football quarterback Dan Marino is 40. Rap DJ Kay Gee (Naughty By Nature) is 32. Britain's Prince Henry of Wales is 17.

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