Mahoning County
The following people were indicted Thursday by a Mahoning County grand jury:
Jermelle Denson, 26, North Meridian Road, Youngstown; possession of cocaine.Herbert M. Luckey Jr., 41, Meriline Avenue, Youngstown; driving under the influence of alcohol.Ronald Benson, 59, South Jackson Street, Youngstown; possession of cocaine.Steve A. Gardner, 18, Ford Avenue, Youngstown; receiving stolen property.Daniel J. Harris, 22, West Judson Avenue, Youngstown; two counts of aggravated vehicular assault.Frank Sinkovich, 46, Pennsylvania Avenue, Youngstown; tampering with records.Andre A. Ward, 21, Orrin Avenue, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons, illegal possession of weapons.Fermin Morales, 37, Glenwood Avenue, Youngstown; receiving stolen property.Juan C. Rosario, 19, Gladstone Road, North Jackson; two counts each of breaking and entering and theft, one count of complicity to breaking and entering.Charles Anderson, 44, Griffith Street, Youngstown; possession of cocaine, illegal possession of weapons.Nesheka A. Parker, 21, Dogwood Avenue, Youngstown; eight counts of forgery.Raymond R. Ingram, 22, Pasadena Avenue, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons.Marvin Maxwell, 43, West Dewey Avenue, Youngstown; aggravated arson.James M. Jarrell, 19, Woodbine Avenue, Struthers; two counts each of breaking and entering and vandalism, one count of theft.Michael Tomlin, 18, Wellington Avenue, Youngstown; robbery.Timothy Clay, 21, Dearborn Avenue, Youngstown; possession of cocaine.Jeffrey Hammond, 21, First Street, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons.Israel Correa, 30, Wilson Avenue, Youngstown; aggravated robbery.Khaliah Janae Green, 24, Englewood, Calif.; possession of Tussionex.Tammala Lashawn Fields, 26, Crandall Avenue, Youngstown; possession of Tussionex.Cassandra Beacham, 20, Otis Street, Youngstown; possession of crack cocaine.
Source: Mahoning County Clerk of Courts

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