St. Elizabeth
Kimberly Gremling and Robert Seidle, 7045 Hayes-Orangeville Road,
Burghill, girl, Sept. 14
Randy and Bridget Smith, 8108 Hayes-Orangeville Road, Burghill, boy, Sept. 14.
Benjamin and Tammy Eaton, 179 Glenwood East Palestine, girl, Sept. 14.
Timothy and Angela Honthy, 4339 Leffingwell Road, Canfield, boy, Sept. 14.
Forum Health Northside
Ronnie and Kian'a Owens, 598 Stull Avenue, Girard, boy, Sept. 15.
Kimberly A. Williams and Jose Rivera, 1218 Grandview, Youngstown, female, Sept. 15.
St. Joseph Health Center
Laurie and Gregory Rutkus, 803 Center St., Leavittsburg, boy, Sept. 13.
Annette and Alan Prox, 6820 Hoagland-Blackstub, Bazetta, female, Sept. 13.
Katie and Armando Rodriguez, 152 Atlantic St., Warren, female, Sept. 14.
Alaina Lawler and James R. Bailes, 4275 Berkshire Dr. Apt. 3, Warren, female, Sept. 14.
Jessica Heginbotham and Sandor Ferringer, 3080 Judith St., Warren, female, Sept. 14.
Elizabeth and Christopher Smith, 13 Valancia Drive, Niles, female, Sept. 14.
Jessica and William Spithaler, 5304 Davis Peck Road, Farmdale, female, Sept. 14.
Joe and Denise Cera, 2605 Black Oak, Niles, female, Sept. 14.
Melissa and James Carsone, 47 Orchard St., Newton Falls, boy, Sept. 15.
Yvette and Kevin Casedy, 1019 Paige Court, Newton Falls, boy, Sept. 15.
UPMC Horizon
Denise Majors and John Swab, Broomfield, boy, Sept. 13.

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