Public needs better education about wolves

Public needs better education about wolves
I have been following The Vindicator's wonderful coverage of the Richard Flauto Wildlife Foundation's plight of needing to raise funds to purchase at a sheriff's auction the 80 acres of property where the wolf sanctuary is located. The foundation was successful in purchasing the land to save the wolf sanctuary, home for 25 wolf hybrid, and one of its goals is to build a public education center. Those of us who love animals and wolves, in particular, hope that they succeed.
In the meantime, I would like to make the public aware of a non-profit wolf education center that is currently in operation. Wolf Timbers is located in Bolivar, Ohio (slightly south of Canton) -- only a 90-minute drive from Youngstown. There are three live 100 percent pure North American Gray Wolves in a large wooded enclosure. Visitors, after walking down a 1000-foot long nature trail, are presented every Sunday afternoon. For more information and directions, visit their web site or call toll-free 1-866-YS4-WOLF.
The mission of wolf education centers is to re-educate the public about the true nature of wolves, an endangered species, to prevent possible extinction of these beautiful animals, who hold a very important position in our ecosystem. If we educate the mind, we save the environment.
Lake Milton
Levin's contribution to Valley deserves notice
On Aug. 18, my wife and I attended the "Pops At The Ballpark" concert with the Youngstown Symphony and the Sean Jones Jazz Quartet. Both were absolutely great. Not only was it an enjoyable evening, but a real tribute to the diversity of our community.
The concept of this concert came from Alan Levin, the majority owner of our Scrappers. He promotes one of these evenings at each of his three minor league baseball team sites. Alan and the Cafaro family deserve many "orchids" for their hard work in bringing us Cafaro Field, the Scrappers and such great special events as "Pops At The Ballpark." Even though Alan lives in California, his positive and significant contribution to our community should not be forgotten. I just want him to know there are many of us in the Mahoning Valley who really appreciate his efforts. Thank You!
A garden of beautyis a joy forever
If the world will be saved by beauty, as Dostoevski taught, Youngstown has a beginning with the two beauty spots on the east and west ends of Rayen Avenue. A monumental cross and a beautifully landscaped hillside raises the eyes, the mind and heart as one drives by.
More impressive still is the gift of Mill Creek Park with Fellows Riverside Garden. If paradise is a garden, as scripture suggests, then a short visit to heaven is available here in the center of the city.
If the political, economic and moral atmosphere of the area blankets you with a black night of the spirit, flee to Mill Creek Park. A sunny afternoon spent there amidst the tall trees, the babbling waters, and the gorgeous flowers relieves the oppressive moral minimalism, the accepted mediocrity, the spun lies of which the devil is the father. (John 8:44)
Most especially does the munificent gift of Mr. D. D. Davis, his wife and associates give cause for rejoicing. The magnificent Garden Center with which they have blessed the community is more than a lasting tribute to their generosity. It is superb. It is reason for gratitude. It is proof that God, by good angels, can inspire great men and great women to begin to build His Kingdom here. To become truly great, we must seek true greatness. To this we are all called.
X Father Witt is Pastor Emeritus of St. Brendan Church.