'TRUCKS ARE BETTER' | A review Local author extols masculinity

The book's humor is not for everyone, but for those of the right mindset, the laughs are guaranteed.
"Trucks Are Better Than Women," by Don Feigert (Pangborn Books, Ltd. $12)
Don Feigert is a very funny man who comes from Hermitage, Pa., but whose humor would not be appreciated by everyone.
In his third book in 12 years, the onetime Mercer, Pa., high school and Thiel College educator and administrator expounds upon his manly attitudes toward women and his love of passing gas and partying, among other things.
Feigert says that to enjoy his book, you have to be able to "laugh at yourself." If you are male, that shouldn't be too hard. What man refuses to acknowledge that he finds bathroom humor entertaining?
First impressions: On the other hand, when Feigert describes a trip to the mall with his spouse in which he is struck by the appearance of a female with a small frame but a large chest, he goes into overdrive describing his awestruck impressions of her.
He goes about it as though his spouse is understanding enough to take a barrage of cracks about the woman that few women I know would tolerate.
"But this girl's exceptional. Abnormal. Un-frigging-believable! What do you mean you want to go home? We just got here," his story says in one of the few parts of the story that can be reproduced in a family newspaper.
To be fair, this particular story appeared in biker magazine Easyriders, so it is one of the more raw and inflammatory.
Unsentimental joy: But some of the stories are more mainstream. One was printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine. The story "A Healthy Man Farts Fifteen Times A Day" is unsentimental joy. Feigert advises novices of the basics that need to be mastered before moving on to "specialty farts," such as ones on a crowded elevator, during a golfer's backswing, the squealer and the sneeze fart.
I've already said too much, but the humorous implications are probably apparent by now.
Some other stories are "Going to the Dentist," "Bathroom Privacy" and "Why Waitresses Make the Best Lovers."
Feigert is a full-time magazine writer and outdoor columnist. His previous books are "Visiting the Pig Farm" from 1989 and "The Evening Campfire" from 1995. He is currently working on two other books.
"Trucks Are Better Than Women" is available at Dorian Books and Twice-Loved Books in Youngstown, Book Nook in Warren, Book Rack in Sharon and The Book Source in Hermitage.

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