Pepsi 400 advantagewas a human factor.
There were no death threats after the Pepsi 400. There was no restrictor-plate advantage. The margin of victory was 0.123 seconds -- hardly a runaway. The advantage was a human factor; not one of the NASCAR competitors wanted to in any way be responsible for Junior dying or getting hurt in a crash.
NASCAR should have NBC replay the 400 so the spectators will see Sterling Marlin let up when Junior was near him. New Age NASCAR is big business with multi-car teams and sponsors who want to have winners. The 2002 Daytona 500 advantage will go to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
As a fan of both Ohio State and Youngstown State football, I wish Jim Tressel and Jon Heacock success on their new routes, roads and avenues to new levels of success, as I know all valley residents do.
I personally, firmly and strongly believe that OSU football Coach Tressel is the next great football coach and new Woody Hayes and Paul Brown at Ohio State.
And that YSU football Coach Heacock is the next great football coach and new Jim Tressel at Youngstown State. Tressel and Heacock are deserving of high praise and greater heights of success.

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