Claims about reiki
This ancient healing technique is said to transfer energy from practitioner to people, pets, plants, situations or inanimate objects. It is said to heal on all levels -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Among its claims:
Reiki can be used to help correct unwanted habits.The practice can be done long distance to send healing energies across the world.Practitioners can perform reiki on themselves.It aids in relaxation and helps reduce stress.It induces a body's own healing mechanisms.Reiki is not a religion or belief system; it cannot be misused.Each person's experience is unique, but some may feel reiki as warm, cool or nothing at all. It is common to feel very relaxed. People may have deep insights and reiki could cause memories to surface.It can enhance traditional medical procedures by inducing relaxation of mind, body, spirit and increasing physical, emotional and mental stamina.Reiki can complement a wide range of practices, including massage and physical therapy, fitness and athletic training, home health care, child care, drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It can be used by doctors, nurses, chiropractors, psychotherapists, dentists, clergy and midwives.It can reduce bleeding during and after surgeries and speeds recovery time.Reiki relieves suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, accident injuries, cuts, bruises, sprains, hypertension, headaches, sleep disorders, nausea/morning sickness, emotional imbalances, organ disorders, terminal illness, hiccups, skin irritations, strokes, heart conditions and other ailments.
Source: Reiki Clinic and Training Center; Internet site

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