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Bachmann's PrintBoy software lets Palm users beam to-do lists, memos, calendars and more to a printer with an infrared port. Unfortunately, not all printers are so equipped. Enter another product from the company: the InfraReady Adapter.
The package includes the adapter, a 9-volt battery, a base for the infrared eye and an adhesive strip to mount the base clip, if needed. It's simple to install. Insert the battery into the adapter, turn off the printer, plug the adapter's connector into the printer's parallel port, point the Palm at the port, then print.
The InfraReady Adapter worked the first time on all Hewlett-Packard printers I tested. I had a couple other problems, though. My PDA had to be reset when I tried to print, then canceled a calendar item. Despite assurances on Bachmann's Web site that the product works with any printer, I couldn't get it to operate with Lexmark's Z series. Bachmann later confirmed that incompatibility.
E-mail can be printed, too, but requires the Palm operating system e-mail package. Also, only one address book entry can be printed at a time.
Users will frequently get a big bang for their $60. Call 973-729-9427 or check out
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