WHAT THEY SAID School funding reaction

"A climate of legal, financial, and political uncertainty concerning Ohio's school-funding system has prevailed at least since this court accepted jurisdiction of the case. We have concluded that no one is served by continued uncertainty and fractious debate. In that spirit, we have created the consensus that should terminate the role of this court in the dispute."
Chief Justice Thomas Moyer of the Ohio Supreme Court, in the court's majority opinion in the school funding case.
"To some, we will have done too much. To others, we will have fallen woefully short of the ultimate goal. To those of us in the majority, we will have seen our duty and discharged it in a manner consistent with our sworn obligations."
Justice Andy Douglas, concurring with the majority opinion.
"The majority has acquiesced to the desires of the [state], and has abandoned all pretense of objectivity, ostensibly in the spirit of creating a consensus."
Justice Alice Robie Resnick, dissenting opinion.
"The purpose of making this decision was to end the debate and get rid of the case. It didn't have any focus on children."
James Hall, South Range schools superintendent.
"There's still fundamentally a constitutional crisis as far as I'm concerned."
Dr. Anthony D'Ambrosio, superintendent of Trumbull County Educational Service Center.
"In many ways, this represents a missed opportunity to require the state to fundamentally change the system of funding,"
Dr. Tod Porter, YSU economics chairman.

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