LORDSTOWN Command teacher won't be appointed

The position would have aided the superintendent, who is serving as the elementary school principal.
LORDSTOWN -- Superintendent Ray Getz has decided not to appoint a command teacher at the elementary school and is handling principal's duties himself.
"I decided I wasn't confident with the level of support from the board, the commission or parents," Getz said.
The district has been in fiscal emergency since late last year. As a cost-cutting measure, the district eliminated the elementary school principal post earlier this year, projecting an estimated $63,430 savings.
"I'm actually enjoying this part of the job," Getz said.
The command teacher, who would have been from the elementary school staff, would have managed the building and responded to staff and student concerns when Getz couldn't.
Voted against idea: Roxanna Holton, board member, had voted against creation of the new post at a meeting last month with the other board members approving it. Holton had said she wanted Getz to see how things went handling the principal's duties before the board created a command teacher post.
The commission appointed to oversee district finances had not addressed the command teacher position.
A parent at a recent commission meeting voiced concerns about the use of a substitute to fill in when a command teacher was called to fill principal responsibilities.
The command teacher would have been paid $4,500 this year in addition to his or her teacher's salary. The payment was $25 per day for 180 days and the position was for one year.
"I'm going to see how it's going to work," Getz said.
Union action: The Lordstown Teachers Association, the union representing Lordstown teachers, had filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the State Employment Relations Board against Getz and the board for the command teacher position.
Patrick Pollifrone, union president, said the union didn't object to creation of the position but contends the working conditions and salary should have been negotiated.
But Getz said he had decided not to appoint a command teacher before the union's action.
"Evidently, everyone didn't feel it's as good an idea as I did or some others did," he said.

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