It's always a beautiful day in this neighborhood

It's always a beautiful day in this neighborhood
It is with a great deal of pride and justification that we write about our wonderful and accommodating neighborhood. Too often, we read and/or hear about chaos in various neighborhoods. It gets to a point of fear and unrest. But ours is an outstanding and appreciative neighborhood.
We all treat each other as family and friends. We just recently completed a construction project in our backyard with the volunteered assistance of the neighborly men. The project was completed with a professional attitude, and we are all very proud of it. Many devoted hours of physical and mental assistance by the neighborhood men contributed to the successful project.
The woman of the neighborhood are also very heart-warming and family oriented. They help each other with their housekeeping problems and recreational challenges. The enjoy friendly conversation and palatable recipes. They dress-up the neighborhood with flowers and shrubs. They keep the area clean and enjoyable for each other. They make sure that the children are given the proper attention with love and affection for close friendship.
Last but not at all least, the children of the neighborhood are well-behaved and very attentive in their play environment. They show respect for the adults and for each other. Many times, parents and children will meet for a cook-out and/or friendly and neighborly conversation. We really and truly enjoy our neighborhood which is why we want you to know about our good neighbors.
Mineral Ridge
Land given by God must not be taken by others
Thank God that both America and Israel walked out of the world conference on racism.
Palestinian terrorists kill innocent civilians again and again, and these atrocities are played down.
On the other hand Israel targets known Palestinian terrorist leaders and is accused of killing innocent people.
The land belongs to the Jewish people because God gave it to them. This is clearly noted both in the Torah of the Jews and the Taurat of the Arabs which is the same collection of books in the Holy scriptures.
The God of heaven will bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse them.
The only reason America is great is because it has always supported the Jewish people and the state of Israel.
No one has been persecuted as much as the Jews. From Pharaoh, Haman and Hitler, who all tried to exterminate the Jews to the Arab extremists of today, none will be able to stand against the will of God.
This is not to excuse the sins of Israel or to think that all Arabs are terrorists. God will judge all who hate and kill on both sides.
It is only in Yeshua the Messiah that peace will come. Jesus is the Christ, the son of God and the savior of the world. All who trust in him receive forgiveness of sins and the power to love their enemies. May God draw all to him and bring all wars to cease to the ends of the earth.
Far more pressing issues than Condit's affair
Why are we still obsessed with an affair between a congressman and an intern?
Meanwhile, 25 million Africans are dying of AIDS and starvation; air pollution is causing thousands to die of breathing problems; extreme weather is being caused by global warming, and our water supply is seriously threatened by pollutants.
We surely have more important things to be concerned about than a tawdry affair.