Township trustees took the following action Wednesday:
UUnanimously rescinded a June 4 resolution authorizing an Emerson Street lighting district. Trustees said the original petition showed a majority of residents wanted it, but there were an equal number of supporters and opponents at a public hearing. They noted that a majority of a those who signed a second petition opposed the district and at a second public hearing, opponents outnumbered supporters 13-5.
UHeard fire Chief Ron Thompson report that state Route 45 will be closed at Aspen Drive from Sept. 10 until Sept. 19.
UHeard Thompson also report that voting precincts C and D, previously in the fire station, have been moved to Champion Presbyterian Church.
UHeard a report from Police Chief Jim Sicuro that he answered a complaint by John and Cheryl Devine of 230 Aspen Drive, regarding large trucks and trailers parking on the road. The Devines said a neighbor, who works in the construction business, parks various kinds of trucks across the street facing the wrong way. Sicuro said there is a "no parking on the roadway" law from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., which he thought was probably originally meant for snow removal. Anyone parking on the road during that time can be cited. Sicuro said there also is a law against parking facing the wrong way and a 10-ton limit for trucks parked on the road, but he doubts if these trucks were that big. Sicuro also noted that when it isn't practical to park large trucks in their driveways, owners are allowed to park on the road. The township parking commission will re-evaluate the regulations, he said.
Township trustees took the following action Wednesday:
UApproved a 2002 budget of $89,973.
UHired Phil Davis of PL Design Studio as architect to design the Southington Cemetery chapel.
UAsked cemetery maintenance workers to restrict the use of weed killers because of complaints this year of overuse.
UAsked employees to get prices for a utility trailer to haul equipment.
UReported receiving a John Deere Z-Trac lawn mower, noting that they traded in a 3-year-old John Deere model because it was too small and too slow for the job.
UAnnounced that the fire department will do a pump test Saturday at the pond across from the school.
The Newton Falls Board of Education took the following action Wednesday:
UAgreed to take part Trumbull Technical Academy program for the 2001/2002 school year. The board will reserve one seat for an "at-risk" student.
UAgreed to absorb $10 of the fee to assist students in paying for books, art supplies and lab fees.

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