Marriage licenses
Howard G. Frank, 25, of 160 Shadyside Drive, Boardman, and Maria A. Carbone, 27, of same.
Medford B. Mashburn, 36, of 7572 Cobblers Run, Poland, and Sandra J. Rossi, 46, of 8651 Hilltop Drive, Poland.
Thomas A. Moschella, 50, of 3438 Cascade Drive, Youngstown, and Donna J. Kennedy, 48, of same.
Matthew J. Applegate, 29, of 111 Roberta Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Laura L. Pesa, 29, of 4455 Oak Knoll Drive, Boardman.
Jerry V. Phillips, 42, of 429 Miller St., Youngstown, and Karol A. Sertich, 43, of 466 13th St., Campbell.
Marcus W. Pierce, 29, of 5486 Ponderosa Drive, Columbus, and Terrain N. Price, 26, of 4389 Devonshire Drive, Boardman.
Ross A. Evans, 31, of 4823 Westchester #306, Austintown, and Aimee R. Bidelman, 25, of same.
Steve J. Sodomora, 45, of 5123 Oakcrest Drive, Austintown, and Karen L. Jones, 36, of 163 N. Beverly, Austintown.
James N. Patterson, 25, of 10775 New Buffalo Road, North Lima, and Shana M. Shepherd, 23, of 25 Willmette Lane, Youngstown.
Franklin G. Horvath Jr., 36, of 3787 Baymar Drive, Youngstown, and Renee M. Horvath, 34, of same.
Richard A. Will, 23, of 4215 Crum Road, Austintown, and Christina D. O'Connell, 25, of same.
Daniel L. Earley, 26, of 3711 Shields Road, Canfield, and Stefanie N. Mansour, 20, of 8130 S. Raccoon Road, Canfield.
Domestic relations
Andrelita D. Barron vs. Troy L. Barron, dismissed.
Tracy L. Fitzgerald vs. Rashad W. Riggins, dismissed.
Cheryl W. Walls vs. Charles M. Herring, dismissed.
Brian Shina vs. Darlene Shina, dismissed.
Brenda A. Roth vs. Frederick McCormick, dismissed.
April L. Burns vs. Laura Frazee, dismissed.
April L. Burns vs. Mary J. Cadle, dismissed.
Ruthann E. Buckley vs. Raymond A. Cooper, dismissed.
Jerry Howell Jr. vs. Noni N. Howell, dismissed.
Christine Smith vs. Craig L. Hall, dismissed.
Michael P. Hileman vs. Melinda Penezich, dismissed.
Denise Hightower vs. Marvin Rushton, dismissed.
Jorita Martin vs. Kenny Martin, dismissed.
Lottie M. Martin vs. Kenny Martin, dismissed.
Carol Nichols vs. Raymond P. Archer, dismissed.
Pamela Jackson vs. Alfred A. House, dismissed.
Sheila Banks vs. Gregory Dixon, dismissed.
Ossie Anderson vs. Mary H. Anderson, dismissed.
Mary H. Anderson vs. Ossie Anderson, dismissed.
Donna C. Rosile vs. James P. Higham, dismissed.
Jodi L. Murray vs. William F. Moritz, dismissed.
Lisa Habuda vs. John M. Sullivan, dismissed.
Lisa M. Thompson vs. Christopher T. Thompson, dismissed.
Althea T. Blackmon vs. Willie L. Blackmon Jr., dismissed.
Donna C. Rosile vs. James P. Higham, dismissed.
Jo Ann Chipps vs. Michael P. Zembower, dismissed.
Tami R. Seawood vs. Antoine M. Seawood, dismissed.
Sheryl D. Edwards vs. William E. Gary, dismissed.
Samarra S. Herns vs. Melvin E. Young, dismissed.
Melinda A. McFall vs. Robert F. McFall, dismissed.
Joyce A. Rager vs. Edward J. Rager, dismissed.
Victoria L. Drummond vs. Michael T. Drummond, dismissed.
Karen E. Stanford vs. John E. Burroughs, dismissed.
Tracy L. Hagerty vs. Harold Hagerty III, dismissed.
Patrick M. Keevey vs. Peggy Jo Keevey, dismissed.
Peggy Jo Keevey vs. Patrick M. Keevey, dismissed.
Natalie S. Gavlek vs. David Roskie, dismissed.
James W. Wright vs. Latese Bailey, dismissed.
Amy M. Garron vs. William Brown, dismissed.
Gina M. Rae vs. Shawn E. Rae, dismissed.
Lisa Gilbo vs. John Barber, dismissed.
Jeanette A. Paine vs. John P. Dominick, dismissed.
Donna J. Cornell vs. Thomas B. Tabor, dismissed.
Tepree A. Gilmore vs. Sylvanus A. Wade, dismissed.
Sonia Flores vs. John V. Harris, dismissed.
Rocco F. Secre vs. Debra J. Secre, dismissed.
Laura A. Mashburn vs. Glenn Mashburn, dismissed.
Nicole Mason vs. Isaac J. Mason, dismissed.
Isaac Mason vs. Nicole Mason, dismissed.
Cynthia R. Kennedy vs. Christopher Rogers, dismissed.
Kathleen A. Pontius vs. Kevin J. Pontius Sr., dismissed.
Carolyn Ivy vs. James Scott, dismissed.
Darlene Hannay vs. Robert P. Hannay, dismissed.
Marcia G. Chacon vs. John Chacon, dismissed.
Barbara J. Aziz vs. Alphons O. Aziz, dismissed.
Celeste R. Jones vs. Gary D. Buie, dismissed.
Melissa L. Ortenzio vs. Candido Bezares Jr., dismissed.
Cynthia M. Tate vs. Darnell M. Tate, dismissed.
Ramona L. Mims vs. Larry Blue, dismissed.
Carolyn Dade vs. Tommy L. Dade, dismissed.
Jacqueline Shearer vs. Earle Warren, dismissed.
Moses Mason III vs. Mesa Y. Hyman-Mason, dismissed.
Judith A. Degregorio vs. Jeffrey B. Thorpe, dismissed.
Divorces asked
Nicholas J. D'Amico, 5153 Winslow Drive, Mineral Ridge, vs. Annette L. D'Amico, 4678 Burkey Road, Austintown.
Alan J. Bundza, 74 Piccadilly St., Campbell, vs. Cheryl A. Bundza, 6407 Johnston Road, Lowellville.
Dissolutions asked
John Tarantine, 2614 McCollum Road, Youngstown, and Kathleen Tarantine, 5771 Sheridan Road, Poland.
New complaints
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. et al vs. Thomas R. Schmidt et al, foreclosure.
Felix Iarussi et al vs. Paul M. Suhar, et al, money and interrogatories.
Lonnie M. Dukes vs. Physicians Dialysis Inc. et al, money.
Matthew McCarragher et al vs. James Torella et al, money.
Paul McGreevy vs. Owner-operator Independent Driver's Assoc. Member Medical Benefits Trust Plan et al, money.
Edward Erdel et al vs. Austinwoods Nursing Center Inc., money.
GMAC vs. Thomas Eddy, possession of property.
Betty J. Johnson et al vs. William Sammons, money.
Wess Charnesky vs. Pamela E. Thistlewaite, money.
Mary E. Beaumier vs. Physicians Dialysis Inc. et al, money.
Jack Boano Jr. vs. Milton C. Mitchell Jr. et al, money.
Boris Grabovskiy vs. Youngstown Area Jewish Federation et al, money.
Shannon Nicholas vs. Jean M. Honsinger et al, money.
Leader Mortgage Co. et al vs. James H. Estes et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Simon Capital Ltd. Partnership et al vs. Thomas A. Komara, money.
Mariam Abdlrasul vs. Betty J. Cipperly, money.
Amy Verbanovic et al vs. Medtronics inc. et al, money.
CitiFinancial Mortgage Co. vs. Hanna Boutros et al, foreclosure.
Loretta J. Neill vs. McDonald Investments Inc. et al, money.
Probate court
Will of Richard C. Davidson: estate to wife, Helen G.
Will of Carl B. Milton: estate to Emmanuel Lutheran Church of New Springfield, Allen Lodge 276 F & amp; AM of Columbiana, Dale W. Milton, Glenn C. Milton Jr., Paula Ann Milton and Renold R. Victor, with specific bequests.
Will of Frank H. Krautter: estate to Martha A. Krautter, successor and trustee of the Frank H. Krautter Revocable Trust Agreement, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Terry D. Pixler et al to Robert J. Borton Sr., Boardman Twp., $50,000.
Bradley A. Billheimer to James Torres Camnello, Boardman Twp., $66,500.
Pauline D. Adams to William Woodruff, Youngstown, $33,000.
Kandy R. Jones et al to Lloyd G. Burt III et al, Sebring, $41,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Rebecca S. Scott, fka Becky S. Wilcox, 18160 Harrisburg-Westville Road, Beloit, manager, Wal-Mart; liabilities, $244,937; assets, $104,894.
Lorene Starks, 833 Lakewood Ave., Youngstown, laundry SEHC, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $23,829; assets, $12,543.
Matthew E. and Kimberly A. Dietz, aka Kimberly A. Stilgenbauer, 1695 N. Duck Creek Road, North Jackson; he: foreman, Glorious Homes Inc.; she: waitress, Gatsby Restaurant; liabilities, $44,098; assets, $23,961.
Kelly Gardner, 2725 Chapman, Youngstown, lab tech, Central Optical; liabilities, $21,252; assets, $180.
Michael W. Yelic, 4831 Westchester Drive, Apt. 220, Austintown, labor, Precision Form; liabilities, $28,377; assets, $17,620.
Joseph S. Roth, aka Scott Roth and Jacqueline A. Roth, aka Jackie Roth, aka Jackie Shaffer-Roth, aka Jackie Fornwalt, 792 Ewing Road, Boardman, he: conductor (lay off), CSX Transportation; she: RN, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $197,937; assets, $144,115.
Edward and Bobbie Beadling, 168 N. Brockway Ave., Youngstown, he: laborer, Kmart; she: homemaker; liabilities, $84,184; assets, $62,300.
Joyce E. Luther, 2316 Burbank Ave., Youngstown, cook, Omni West; liabilities, $33,013; assets, $2,200.
Carol B. Fisher, 3804 Oakleigh Ave., Youngstown, service rep., MCI; liabilities, $80,833; assets, $71,501.
Anna M. Bell, 80 Tremble Ave., Campbell, medical billing, Family Service Agency; liabilities, $27,365; assets, $4,182.
Andrea L. Cole, Youngstown, none, CCA-closed; liabilities, $19,361; assets, $5,750.

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