New complaints
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. Arnold E. Boylen, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mtg. Co. vs. Harold E. Brunner, foreclosure.
Receivable Purchasing vs. Joe Dickey Electric, other civil.
Ann Mehle et al vs. Donald R. Jewell et al, other civil.
Farmers National Bank vs. Anthony Apostolakis, foreclosure.
Waco Scaffolding vs. Casale Construction Inc., foreclosure.
Deborah Wojnarski vs. Kenneth Jones, professional tort.
Joanne I. Lozier vs. St. Joseph Health Center, professional tort.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Lewis G. Mason et al, foreclosure.
Michael C. Senek vs. Richard Watts, other civil.
Raymond Kline vs. Amweld Building Products, workers' compensation.
Marilyn Myers vs. Frank Kostalek, other torts.
National City Mortgage vs. Jeffrey A. Wansor, foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Rick Carson, other civil.
United National Bank vs. Brian M. Sumpter, other civil.
Sheri Finney vs. John Finlaw, other torts.
Rochelle Locke vs. WCI Steel Inc., workers' compensation.
Robert Kriebel vs. Steel & amp; Alloy Specialist, workers' compensation.
Ohio Civil Service vs. Pamela Keresztesy, other civil.
Donna Berish vs. Trumbull Memorial Hospital, workers' compensation.
Marriage licenses
Jared L. Waring, 28, of 5106 Shady Gardens Drive, Kingwood, Texas, and Michele A. Morgante, 25, of same.
Eric Chambers, 30, of 1524 Florence Drive, Youngstown, and Deborah Bulatko, 32, of same.
Jason E. Tanner, 26, of 32924 Vermont St., Livonia, Mich., and Jessica B. Samson, 26, of same.
William Tondo Jr., 48, of 2725 Jean St., Youngstown, and Deborah A. York, 44, of same.
Norman P. Sugden Jr., 30, of 159 Indianola Road, Boardman, and Rachana R. Surujlall, 25, of same.
James A. Negro, 34, of 5457 Nighthawk Drive, Indianapolis, Ind., and Anna M. Yount, 24, of same.
Richard J. Anderson III, 26, of 8202 Avon Court #4, Wauwatosa, Wis., and Danielle M. DeMatteis, 27, of same.
Christopher E. Kauffman, 24, of 1709 W. Western Reserve, Poland, and Noelle T. Logorda, 23, of same.
Felix J. Salas, 22, of 103 N. Hartford Ave., Youngstown, and Sirenna J. Glover, 26, of same.
George D. Logan, 61, of 3125 Hillman #1, Youngstown, and Diane M. Wynn, 44, of same.
Eduardo Reyes, 34, of 114 E. Marion Ave., Youngstown, and Dira J. Bates, 26, of same.
Robert W. Bloom, 32, of 4813 Westchester #106, Austintown, and Christine M. Danks, 29, of same.
August D'Onofrio, 47, of 271 N. Hermitage Road, Hermitage, Pa., and Elaine Rich, 45, of 61 Alverne Drive, Poland.
Howard G. Frank, 25, of 160 Shadyside Drive, Boardman, and Maria A. Carbone, 27, of same.
Divorces asked
Toni El Nobani, 1149 Waverly Drive, Youngstown, vs. Abdel Karim El Nobani, 2957 Niles Road S.E., Warren.
Daniel L. Hartzell, 216 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Sebring, vs. Mary L. Hartzell, 9118 12th St., P.O. Box 364, North Benton.
Zaida I. Burbano, 1676 Weston Ave., Poland, vs. Pablo A. Burbano, 2933 Grove Ave., Lorain.
New complaints
Bank One NA vs. Mark Brak et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
George Moser et al vs. Mary Coleman, petition for writ of mandamus.
Robert Bell et al vs. Courtney Jones, money.
Kenyetta Perry vs. Bernard Quarles, money.
Marc Eichert vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, workers' compensation.
Joseph M. Barhoover et al vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, workers' compensation.
Ramunno Builders Inc. vs. Robert A. DiRusso, money.
Kevin L. Smith vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, workers' compensation.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Gleaners Land Co. et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Plaza Arms Apartments et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Saada Simon et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Shepherd of the Valley vs. Elizabeth A. Itts, money.
First National Bank of Pennsylvania vs. Robert M. Campy et al, money.
Mary Lou G. Coleman vs. Yau Too Chiu Jr. M.D. et al, money.
Sky Bank et al vs. Raymond D. Brooks et al, foreclosure.
Michael N. Esau vs. Michelle F. Rabich et al, money.
Shannon Shelton et al vs. Richard G. Swan et al, money.
Coyne Investments Ltd. vs. P and H Realty Co. Inc., money.
James Thomas vs. Physicians Dialysis Center, money.
Emily Bryant vs. Youngstown Associates in Radiology Inc. et al, money.
Frank M. Ramun et al vs. Youngstown Orthopedic Associates Inc. et al, money.
Real estate transfers
Annette Curtin to Rita J. Sefcik, Canfield, $180,000.
Robert J. Thurlow to Robert K. Reynolds, Austintown Twp., $160,000.
Barth and Richardson Management Ltd. to Latessa Construction Ltd., Springfield Twp., $27,000.
Barth and Richardson Management Ltd. to Ramunno Builders Inc., Springfield Twp., $27,000.
Katherine T. Boback to Walter S. Mayoski, Poland Twp., $108,000.
Youngstown Dunbrik to Dominic Precurato, Youngstown, $100,000.
Elvira A. Bellino to R. ary Newhard et al, Jackson Twp., $80,000.
Fred and Phyllis Armeni to Mary C. Cefazo, Boardman Twp., $136,000.
Lisa Spencer et al to Charles Giampietro et al, Jackson Twp., $132,000.
William J. Wiseman et al to Elbert A. Eiland, Youngstown, $55,500.
Daniel D'Amato to Perry Alexander, Campbell, $44,000.
Duane Davis to Francis M. Curd II, Youngstown, $45,000.
Harold T. Harvey et al to Lenders Depot Inc., Youngstown, $8,000.
Harry W. Eckley et al to Daniel E. Baddeley, Canfield, $68,000.
The Friedkin Family Trust to Route 46 Land Partners, Austintown Twp., $278,650.
Kenneth E. Gicaver to Vincent A. Tropepe et al, Boardman Twp., $83,500.
James F. Braga to John Vargo et al, Austintown Twp., $10,000.
First Union Home Equity Bank vs. William F. Clipse, Austintown Twp., $38,000.
Gloria Barak to Maria A. Carlomagno et al, Youngstown, $83,500.
William R. Glaser et al to James M. Kostelic Sr. et al, Canfield, $75,000.
Bartholomew Builders Inc. to Mark Deviccio et al, Boardman Twp., $140,000.
Robert F. Sondles et al to Patricia A. Dean, Austintown Twp., $87,900.
First Place Bank vs. Richard P. Colonna et al, Youngstown, $17,500.
Montcarol Company to Route 46 Land Partners Ltd., Austintown Twp., $821,350.
Marianne Zetts to Joseph W. Goodspeed et al, Boardman Twp., $85,700.
Lanni L. Andrews to Lynn R. Bartholomew et al, Beaver Twp., $154,000.
Christopher Ganetis et al vs. Mario M. Nittolli, Campbell, $66,000.
Todd L. Smith to Brian J. Harakal et al, Poland Twp., $177,000.
Norma J. McVey to Stephen L. Wagner, Boardman Twp., $111,250.
Frank Gallo, trustee, to Jason Neopolitan, Youngstown, $25,000.
Twin Lakes Development to Michael J. Kraioslay et al, Beaver Twp., $129,000.
Mark D. Ramun to Melora T. Hunt et al, Poland Twp., $155,000.
Saldi Ltd. to Big John's Car Wash West Inc., Youngstown, $127,500.
Jeffrey J. Johnston et al to Christopher E. Baltputnis et al, Springfield Twp., $158,900.
Stanley L. Cohn et al to Michael Levy et al, Youngstown, $68,000.
DEB Enterprises Inc. to Diane M. Downing, Austintown Twp., $95,000.
Interbay Funding UC to Lenders Depot Inc., Youngstown, $5,000.
Margaret M. Sunday to Jacquilyn Eusanio, Austintown Twp., $32,000.
John W. McKeel , trustee et al to Donald G. Roberts et al, Boardman Twp., $87,500.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Adrienne S. Paige, 862 Plazaview Court, Youngstown, housekeeper, Holiday Inn; liabilities, $9,448; assets, $739.
Sharon M. DeAngelo, 137 N. Raccoon Road, Youngstown, legal secretary, The Cafaro Company; liabilities, $32,102; assets, $16,080.
James A. and Jane L. Acierno, 660 N. Raccoon Road, Austintown; he: retired; she: retired; liabilities, $81,818; assets, $3,500.
Michael E. Shaffer, 955 Afton Ave., Boardman, and Lori A. Shaffer, 4130 Howard St., Boardman; he: Amweld Building Products Inc.; she: homemaker; liabilities, $101,689; assets, $0.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Keith T. Smith, 844 Marmion Ave., Youngstown, TV sales manager, WKBN/WYFX-TV; liabilities, $24,501; assets, $17,875.

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