Marriage licenses
Robert J. DiPiero, 30, of 858 Doris Drive, Hubbard, and Stefanie A. Stinson, 24, of 1961 John-White Road, Hubbard.
Nicolaus E. Yocum, 21, of 1607 Robbins Ave., Niles, and Dana L. Grady, 21, of same.
Michael L. Hillman, 27, of 85 Adams Court, Cortland, and Marie N. Lehman, 24, of 1112 Airport Road, Warren.
John A. Malgieri, 40, of 384 Glendola, Warren, and Laura A. Reiter, 39, of same.
Marty L. Airwyke, 30, of 500 Broadway, Maldon, Ma., and Lisa E. Brainard, 24, of same.
Mark F. Bishoff, 28, of 422 Avalon Drive, Warren, and Amy L. Brown, 28, of same.
Ryan V. Zuiam, 23, of 930 N. Mesa, Mesa, Ariz., and Julie A. Roman, 26 of same.
Jerry Bartlett, 28, of 2223 Peace Ave. N.W., Warren, and Sherry L. Kelleston, 26, of same.
Jacob S. Obermiyer, 28, of 5999 Merwin Chase Road, Brookfield, and Karen M. Ross, 30, of 4072 Selkirk Bush Road, Newton Falls.
Jason W. Dan, 21, of 222 Linden S. E., Warren, and Susan M. Davis, 30, of same.
Stephen G. Graham, 37, of 400 S. Market St., Girard, and Kathleen S. McCormick, 32, of same.
Randy L. Smith Jr., 24, of 155 Idylwild St. N.E., Warren, and Melissa S. Frywe, 22, of same.
Brian D. Demsey, 23, of 152 Wae Trail, Cortland, and Melissa L. Rencewicz, 22, of 317 Belmont St. N.W., Warren.
Douglas J. Pliszky, 33, of 4867 Oak Knoll Ave., Newton Falls, and Donna J. Bennett, 32, of 2036 Overland N.E., Warren.
Brian J. Mlinarsik, 27, of 515 S. St. Clair, Girard, and Julie A. Bakos, 30, of same.
Irving R. Russ, 27, of 2214 Risher Road, Warren, and Tatanisha M. Wade, 27, of 2275 N. Project, Warren.
James E. Hostetler, 20, of 16242 Burton Windsor Road, Middlefield, and Mary E. Mast, 20, of 4533 Wilcox Road, Middlefield.
Larry E. Wheelock Jr., 23, of 3560 Woodside Drive, Warren, and Beth A. Giesy, 20, of same.
Brian R. Nance, 25, of 1808 Roberts Lane, Warren, and Lindsey M. Wyant, 21, of same.
Timothy L. Myers, 34, of 2640 Highland Ave., Warren, and Anna L. Scarberry, 25, of same.
Earl T. Brannan, 39, of 111 Drummond Ave., Hubbard, and Kimberly S. Brannan, 38, of same.
James J. Derry IV, 32, of 505 Birkenhead Drive, Christiana, Tenn., and Shelly A. Edwards, 28, of 2168 Ruth Road, Hubbard.
Robert S. Culver Jr., 38, of 104 N. Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, and Vicky Hamerick, 28, of same.
Raymond J. Farcas, 24, of 7734 Oakhill Road, North Royalton, and Christinna J. Maynard, 23, of 1050 Gillmer Road, Leavittsburg.
Raymond A. Honsel Jr., 25, of 2023 Locust Drive, Warren, and Janeil N. Moore, 25, of 3000 S. Lipkey Road, North Jackson.
Richard T. Hart, legal age, of 1061 Perkinswood Blvd., Warren, and Lisa A. Abraham, legal age, of 1118 Branleigh Drive, Toledo, Ohio.
Roger W. Patrick, 53, of 3893 E. River Road, Newton Falls, and Joan E. Wolfe, 56, of 47 E. Church St., Newton Falls.
Stephen M. Ostas, 27, of 4451 W. Market St., Leavittsburg, and Marlain M. Lowe, 23, of same.
David M. Hilditch, 25, of 14839 Hartford Lane, Helendale, Calif., and Renee K. Braden, 24, of same.
Dwayne D. Turner, 33, of 4561 Crew Hood, Girard, and Donna K. Yekel, 33, of 3916 Hightree S. E., Warren.
Billy R. Morrow Sr., 31, of 6340 Mahoning Ave., Warren, and Diane M. Poulos, 54, of 430 Sunnybrook Drive S.E., Warren.
Wali D. Abram, 28, of 354 Reo Creek, Warren, and Danielle Y. Grady, 27, of same.
John M. Swank, 28, of 532 N. Center St., Newton Falls, and Cindy R. Turner, 26, of same.
Rossi W. Davis, 33, of 5290 Calla Ave. N.W. Warren, and Michelle L. Balzer, 42, of same.
John E. Shinosky, 44, of 1796 Larchmont N. E., Warren, and Kathy A. Gorrell, 37, of same.
Frederick C. Miller, 44, of 6669 Mines Road, Warren, and Kathleen M. Valentz, 41, of same.
Fred A. Peterson, 25, of 8252 High St., Warren, and Anastasia L. Clont, 21, of same.
Charles A. Crusan Jr., 25, of 1615 Robbins Ave., Niles, an Vicki Hochdel, 27, of 2845 Timberline Drive, Cortland.
Robert P. McDermott, 39, of 825 Lincoln Ave., Niles, and Kimberly J. Capogreco, 34, of same.
Divorces asked
David J. Clifford vs. Karen Clifford.
Steven P. Gibson vs. Loretta L. Gibson.
John J. Marino vs. Janice L. Marino.
Becky Lough vs. Dayton M. Lough.
Robert E. Koehler vs. Dawn C. Koehler.
John McAllister vs. Suzan McAllister.
Angela Schiamone vs. Michael C. Schiamone.
Simeon C. Howard vs. Lindsay A. Howard.
William J. Hudak vs. Paula M. Hudak.
William J. Kerfoot Jr. vs. Michelle D. Kerfoot.
Joelle Maloney vs. John Maloney.
Lisa M. Taddei vs. Anthony R. Taddei.
Michael Ambrose vs. Elizabeth Ambrose.
Judith Shaw vs. Dirk A. Shaw.
Dissolutions asked
Kit A. Glass and Andrea L. Glass.
Kerry L. McAlister and James P. McAlister.
David A. Durf and Tina Durf.
Christina D. Chinchic and Nicholas P. Chinchic III.
Ralph T. Carlton and Candace J. Carlton.
Matthew R. King and Tina M. King.
Michael G. Greene and Deborah Lee Greene.
Heidi A. Nehlen and Thomas L. Nehlen.
Mark L. Kinnison and Renata S. Kinnison.
Carol L. Biela and Brian Biela.
Patricia Gray and Forrest Gray.
Domestic violence/Civil protection orders filed
Sophocles M. Grammatas vs. Anton Totta.
Sophocles M. Grammatas vs. Christine Steward.
Cheryl D. Johnson vs. Freddie L. Washington Sr.
Faith Biviano vs. John Biviano.
Cases dismissed
Guy J. Treater Jr. vs. Darlene A. Treater.
Lena Corley vs. Curtis Corley.
Gale Ziegler-Smith vs. Gerry Free.
Dissolutions granted
Gloria J. Mastro and Joseph A. Mastro.
Daniel J. Miller and Kathleen Miller.
Kevin C. Lacey and Susan N. Lacey.
Thomas Litman and Lainie D. Litman.
Cristin Dorchock and Scott Dorchock.
Dennis M. Bertko and Diane R. Bertko.
Jeanenne Giovanni and Marco Giovanni.
Divorces granted
Denise Kirker vs. Thomas Kirker, divorce to both.
Lanette Harbin vs. Maurice Harbin, divorce to plaintiff.
Edith Fleming vs. Dennis K. Fleming, divorce to both.
Melinda Moore vs. George Moore Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Fern List vs. David List, divorce to plaintiff.
Louise K. Hock vs. Edward C. Hock, divorce to plaintiff.
Melissa M. Eason vs. Edward V. Eason II, divorce to both; wife restores name to Pinard.
Kelly M. Zugay vs. Daniel C. Zugay, divorce to both; wife restores name to Firmstone.
Dorothy Rush vs. Christopher Rush, divorce to plaintiff.
Roberta Piros vs. Shawn P. Piros, divorce to both.
New complaints
Jacqueline Mohermah vs. G. M. National Benefit, workers' compensation.
Margaret Lytle vs. Simco Management, other torts.
Linda Cain vs. GMC, workers' compensation.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Debra Kimbrough et al, foreclosure.
Mary L. Jarrett vs. Delphi Packard Electric, workers; compensation.
Timothy O'Hara vs. United States Can, workers' compensation.
Ginger Simmons Personally vs. Nireas Inc., other torts.
Village of Lordstown vs. R. T. Vernal Paving Co., other civil.
Second National Bank vs. Knight Wagner Mortgage, other civil.
Christ Michelakis vs. Richard G. Brunton, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. John D. McPheron Jr., foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Donald Walters Jr., foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Carl Griffin, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Felicia A. Bullett, foreclosure.
Christ Michelalkis vs. Robert Bindas, foreclosure
Thomas Neveu vs. C. James Conrad admr., workers' compensation.
Joseph Carano vs. Hartford Ins., other torts.
Patricia Karchut vs. Emily J. Volphilp, other torts.
Tiffany Williams vs. Beth Rees, other torts.
Jamestown Village vs. Valerie J. Amerson, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Kenneth Ingram, foreclosure.
Regions Mortgage Inc. vs. Regina R. Stewart, foreclosure.
ABN Amro Mortgage Group vs. Carlos Owsley, foreclosure.
Michael Patrick vs. Shirley Barnett, other civil.
Dale Phillips vs. Bob Clegg, other torts.
Michael Bagdassarian vs. Ames Dept. Store, other civil.
Ryan White vs. Wi I. Hsu M.D., professional tort.
US Bank National Assoc. vs. Marjorie Thomas et al, foreclosure.
Cheryl Damore et al vs. Nicholas Singelis, other torts.

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