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The American Veterinarian Identification Devices and Home Again Systems are designed to locate missing pets. Some facts about microchipping:
Veterinarian uses a needle or injection gun to insert chip into scruff of animal's neck or shoulder area.
Procedure can be performed on any animal.
Chip surrounded & aelig;by a protein cell that keeps device anchored to prevent injury; encased in biocompatible glass that protects animal from copper coil.
Coated to keep chip in place.
X-ray machines and other electronic devices, such as airport security systems, will not interfere with chip.
About the size of a rice grain.
Injection fees between $25 and $40; registration is an additional $15.
Animal is registered with PETtrac, a national registry.
Scanner shows an identification number and brings up toll-free number to call to identify owner. Also produces a backup person's name if owner is on vacation or can't be reached.
If animal is not registered with PETtrac, its veterinarian's number will appear.
Has a lifetime guarantee.
Usually done with animal's first vaccination.
To get started, call (800) 336-AVID.
Sources: Mary Jo Nagy, Angels for Animals, and Anna Hidalgo, AVID

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