STRUTHERS Candidate: I made mistake

STRUTHERS -- Anthony M. Gentile Sr., a Struthers school board candidate, says he made an honest mistake when filling out his candidate form for The Vindicator's 2001 voting guide, published in Monday's editions.
On the form Gentile listed only his sister, school board incumbent Eleanor Polis, in the space designated to "List all relatives holding public office or public employment."
However, after further questioning today, Gentile said he has a sister, Marlene Barone, who works as a fifth-grade teacher in the district, and a brother-in-law David Barone who serves on the Struthers school board.
The Vindicator voting guide inaccurately listed Polis as Gentile's sister-in-law.
"I'm not hiding nothing. Believe me," Gentile said.
Gentile, 45, said he didn't consider his sister's employment with the school district a public job. But he also said some voters are probably against him because of his views on the district's spending practices.
"We pay the highest taxes in this area and I don't think the money is being spent correctly," he said.
Relatives on board: There's the potential that Gentile and two of his relatives will sit on the board if Gentile is elected and Polis is re-elected Nov. 6.
Gentile, a construction manager, admits that some voters are probably worried that might happen but said these are voters with something to hide. He did not expand on what they might be hiding.
"When I go up there to vote [on board policy], I am going to vote for what is best for this community and the children of this community," he said. "I don't pull no punches with anybody."

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