U & raquo;Passed a resolution opposing the closing of LTV Steel and supporting company reorganization in hopes it can remain in operation.
U & raquo;Made official the name change of the sanitation department to environmental services department.
The department was given the go-ahead to hire two part-time casual laborers as full time. Director Terry Nicopolis said the department can absorb the cost to make the change and noted the large volume of work had the two part timers working full-time hours anyway.
U & raquo;Accepted a donation of a property at Highland Avenue and West Market Street. Officials say a building on the property has been an eyesore and is scheduled to be torn down. There are no immediate plans for the property, which was donated because the owner felt it would cost too much to bring it up to code.
U & raquo;Gave second reading to a resolution expressing the city's desire to split from the 17th Congressional District.
U & raquo;Purged legislation from its files that aimed to give raises to council's clerk and deputy clerk, retroactive to January. Both took wage freezes in 2000 during the city's financial crunch, but Law Director Greg Hicks said the legislation, sponsored by Councilman Ron White, D-4th, could not be acted upon because raises for the two cannot be given in midterm.

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