Local SCORE members can help small businesses

Local SCORE members can help small businesses
The Nov. 17 column by Sen. Christopher Bond, "Small businesses left out in the cold," illuminates the fact that the small business community, in regard to the Economic Security and Recovery Act of 2001, has been left out and overlooked.
However, as a member of our local SCORE chapter, I am happy to report that SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), on the national and local level, has rallied to the support of small business, especially in these difficult economic times and in regard to disaster recovery.
Business owners have access to free counseling from national SCORE online at www.score.org. Our local Web address is www.cisnet.com/score.
SCORE, also known as "Counselors to America's Small Business," has partnered with the Small Business Administration, which has announced that there are four SBA disaster area offices to help small business with disaster relief. SCORE volunteers will help and guide small business owners through the SBA guaranteed loan process.
We have also been advised that businesses which have been hurt by losing reservists through military calls to active duty may qualify for Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loans.
We would like the public to know that our local SCORE chapter, located in Williamson Hall on the campus of Youngstown State University, is definitely proactive during this time of national hardship and ready to assist any small business or would-be entrepreneur with free and confidential counseling.
X The writer is the chair of Youngstown SCORE, Chapter 112.
Identity theft concernin old driver's licenses
Last week, I renewed my driver's license. After reading about the rash of ID thefts, I decided to ask for my expired license so I could take it home, cut it up and properly dispose of it. The clerk informed me she was not allowed to give it to me, as they have to mail them all to Columbus.
I'd like to know what "Columbus" does with all the expired driver's licenses it receives. How many people of dubious character have access to them before they get to Columbus? Why can't I dispose of something I have paid for?
To the left of the photo on my license is a space designated for one's Social Security number with (option) next to it. I was not given the option of not displaying my Social Security number on my license. It was done automatically.
This makes me feel that we are making it easier for ID theft to occur. Am I being unduly paranoid, or do my concerns have some merit?
LTV can be a survivor if leaders respond to reality
Almost all elements are in place for LTV and its employees to fight their way back and be a major steelmaker. But the reality of the steel business and LTV's condition requires maximum response to change by everyone.
The changes required are not that complicated and will hurt, but are minor when compared to total failure.
The leadership of management, union and suppliers must abandon their egos and their identity with a failing business model or find a new vision and rely on the talents of the steelworkers in the mills and offices to control their own destiny.
Most of all, the sacrifices and rewards for success must be fair.
To all the leaders, don't waste precious time in a courtroom. Get into a conference room and don't come out until you work out a bankable business plan. You owe that much to everyone depending on LTV in Cleveland, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.
Chagrin Falls