Victor Psznick vs. Michael Psznick, confirmation of sale.
Martha Lee vs. Newton Falls Community, settled and dismissed.
Bradford J. Levy vs. Finestone-Simplex, settled and dismissed.
Samuel H. Wagner vs. Kristina M. Kuboff, settled and dismissed.
Keybank NA vs. Joseph P. Rogers, confirmation of sale.
Julie McGrath vs. AFSCME Local 722, dismissed.
Cynthia L. Snowden vs. Admin. BWC, dismissed.
National City Bank vs. Thomas J. Carr Jr., dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Kenneth Tenney, dismissed.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Richard J. Cassady, foreclosure.
Elizabeth DeNicholas vs. Thomas Protiva, settled and dismissed.
Bank One vs. Thomas J. Denver, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Eleanore D. Bencetic, foreclosure.
Terrence L. Chrestay vs. Ryan Stredney, settled and dismissed.
Eugene C. Rhodes vs. Forum Health, dismissed.
Transamerica Financial vs. Joseph Perkins, confirmation of sale.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Jacqueline Kopatich, dismissed.
Frank Nannicola vs. Warren Newspapers Inc., dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. W. R. Lileas, dismissed.
John J. Sharlock Jr. vs. Ernest Boitnott, dismissed.
Anchor Cigar and Candy vs. Denise Ifetiha, order of sale.
Laverne Platt vs. Milya Tereshchenko, settled.
Sallie Budd vs. Unimast Inc., dismissed.
Travis Blakely vs. Ouma Armstrong, settled.
First Union Home Equity vs. Dominic Delsignore, confirmation of sale.
Luella A. Persons vs. Allstate Insurance, summary judgment granted.
Raymond V. Henry vs. Thomas Steel Strip Corp., summary judgment granted.
Judith A. Infante vs. Stephen P. Roberts, judgment for plaintiff.
Grange Mutual Casualty vs. Calvin L. Humphrey, judgment for plaintiff.
Aim Leasing vs. J.B. Freight Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Midland Credit Mortgage Inc. vs. Cathy Barrios, default granted.
Farmers National Bank vs. Tina M. Wilson, adminx., foreclosure.
Commercial Financial Corp. vs. Jean M. Seifert, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Betty Ann Thornton, dismissed.
Geraldine Flenoury vs. General Electric, dismissed.
Bloomfield Township vs. George W. Myers, judgment for plaintiff.
Jerry Carleton vs. National Land Title, settled.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Karen Hernandez, dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Richard H. Rule, foreclosure.
Shawn D. Cook vs. Charlotte J. Humphrey, dismissed.
American Waste vs. Avalotis Painting, settled.
Second National Bank vs. Johnnie Raymond, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Sue A. Sears, dismissed.
Clayton Gilpin vs. Motor Credit Center Inc., dismissed.
Jason S. Augusta vs. Ricky J. Rounds et al, Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation only, dismissed.
Gary H. Crawford vs. Joseph P. Pecorelli, dismissed.
Shibani Massacci vs. Amie J. Davis, settled and dismissed.
Donald Dennison vs. A-Best Products, dismissed.
Judith Carnes vs. First U.S.A. Bank NA, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Faith Temple Church Inc., dismissed.
Farmers National Bank vs. Melzia J. Sugick, default granted.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Sara I. Johnson, default granted.
Sky Bank vs. Marvin R. Anthony, default granted.
Grange Mutual Casualty vs. Christina Scaggs, judgment for plaintiff.
West End Investment vs. Township of Liberty, dismissed.
Laura Monteneri vs. Ramona Royer, Cincinnati Insurance only, dismissed.
Mid Atlantic Finance vs. Donald Nitzsky, dismissed.
Joseph Shver vs. Anthony I. Infante, settled and dismissed.
New Complaints
Anchor Cigar and Candy vs. Denise Ifetiha, foreclosure.
Washtenaw Mortgage vs. Charles K. Rose, foreclosure.
William A. Eckart Zoning vs. Allen Coonce, other civil.
Trumbull County Commissioners vs. Ford Motor Company et al, other civil.
Marshall F. Simmons vs. Champion Lions Club, other torts.
Steel Valley Construction vs. Allie Simmons, other civil.
Edward J. Kobylanski vs. Amex Dies Inc., workers' compensation.
Leston G. Woodall vs. Donald D. Anderson et al, other civil.
D and A Trucking vs. Epsilon Classics Inc., other civil.
Heidi Price et al vs. Mitchell R. Stamp, other torts.
Mary L. Griffith vs. Delphi Packard Electric, workers' compensation.
Shannon K. Dove vs. John Bartol, other torts.
John J. Lerakis vs. Edward E. Shahaden, other civil.
Lauren Thomas vs. David Hilton, other torts.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Kathy Tabor, other civil.
CNA Insurance Co. vs. Deborah Carnifax, other civil.
GMAC vs. David Smith et al, replevin.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Kathy L. Kline et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Beth E. Smith et al, foreclosure.
BA Mortgage LLC vs. Toni A. Marcheskie-Fronk, foreclosure.
Charter One Bank FSB vs. John E. Rentz et al, foreclosure.
Timothy Everett vs. mark Industries of Pa., other torts.
Mahoning Valley Economic vs. John M. Melnik II, foreclosure.
Sara Busacca vs. Maguire and Schneider, professional tort.
Richard Lavalliere vs. Lisa Foster, other civil.
Deck Enterprises Inc. vs. William Kramer and Sons, foreclosure.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Sheldon Wilson, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. William Pike Jr., foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. Peggy R. Chaney, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Jennifer Harris, foreclosure.
James Massacci vs. Dream Pools Inc., other civil.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Michael A. Finley, foreclosure.
First National Bank vs. Larry E. Felesky, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Sherri L. Wintjen, foreclosure.
Americredit Financial vs. Rosanna L. Fagan, other civil.
Jay Menhennet vs. Dennis Girton, other civil.
Jame Coxson vs. Nader Afrooz M.D., professional tort.
Kimberly D. Garman vs. Maria Bilihoutis, other torts.
Reuben Shaw vs. Timothy Nichols Sr., other torts.
Warren G. Bennett vs. Elizabeth A. Lucas, other torts.
Allen Daugherty vs. Elizabeth A. Lucas, other torts.
Wanda Ciarlitto vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
William Constantino II vs. Douglas Guinaugh, other torts.
Kenilworth Steel vs. Trojan Steel, other civil.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Jody L. Helman, other torts.
State Farm Mutual vs. Margaret A. Burnett, other civil.
State Farm Mutual vs. Matthew T. Pastier, other civil.
Progressive Preferred vs. Dusty J. Lough, other civil.
Thomas Tate vs. Burnett Pools Inc., workers' compensation.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Gregory Karson, foreclosure.
Waterfield Mortgage vs. Kevin T. Homes, foreclosure.
Norwest Bank Minnesota vs. Larry L. Lukehart, foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Deborah K. Spencer, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. William Conrad et al, foreclosure.

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