Marriage licenses
Edward A. Odum, 34, of 1605 Robbins Ave., Niles, and Crystal Seese, 27, of same.
Edward L. Dial, 29, of 2801 North Park Road, Warren, and Frances Lewis, 42, of same.
Robert E. Hites, 35, of 837 Sylvan N.W., Warren, and Dyan R. Olszewski, 33, of same.
Ronald G. Cain Jr., 21, of 3157 Ridge Road, Warren, and Jennifer L. Ellsworth, 20, of same.
Giovannie F. DiCenso, 30, of 6566 Medinah Lane, Alexandria, Va., and Happy M. Wern, 29, of 3210 Halsey Drive, Warren.
Thomas Hibbard, 21, of 518 Liberty St., Hubbard, and Allyson Rinko, 21, of 50 Scott St., Hubbard.
Gary Cottrell, 40, of 1744 Barclay Messerly Road, Leavittsburg, and Bonnie Weddle, 38, of same.
Stephen D. Fife, 32, of 5236 Call Ave. N.W., Warren, and Marla J. Amreihn, 28, of same.
Steven Madison, 36, of 632 Mercer Ave. N.E., Warren, and Valerie T. Prescott, 36, of same.
James E. Cummins, 67, of 554 Nevada Ave. S.W., Warren, and Mary I. Cummins, 44, of 425 Southern Blvd., Warren.
Philip L. Howdershelt, 25, of 41 W. Church St., Newton Falls, and Kerri Sarber, 23, of 3939 Warren Ravenna Road, Newton Falls.
Timothy W. McCrystal, 31, of 5325 Liberty Ave., Newton Falls, and Alisa A. Reider, 22, of same.
Brian J. McVicker, 33, of 79 Barcelona Drive, Niles, and Jacquelyn L. Spencer, 39, of same.
Donald C. Rose, 76, of 622 Elm Road N.E., Warren, and Karen A. Reho, 59, of same.
Francis E. Davis, 35, of 1767 Deer Field St., Warren, and Christine Dunch, 39, of same.
Jonathan A. McLain, 22, of 1300 state Route 88, Cortland, and Dawn M. Brenkert, 19, of same.
Jason E. Stouffer, 24, of 227 Idylwild St. N.E., Warren, and Brandy L. Benner, 19, of same.
Christopher R. Meeker, 48, of 6100 Everett East Road, Hubbard, and Nancy L. Miler, 38, of same.
Douglas M. Bennett, 38, of 4515 Park St., Hubbard, and Gina L. A. Jayne, 24, of same.
Timothy L. Hilton, 33, of 528 North Road, Niles, and Angel F. Mohn, 30, of same.
Dana Mitchell, 23, of 458 Willow Drive, Youngstown, and Jacquee Morlan, 27, of 1429 Maplecrest Drive, Youngstown.
Dissolutions filed
Dianne McLaughlin and James G. McLaughlin.
Kelly J. Parkinson and John M. Parkinson III.
Lydia M. Evelsizer and Kurt E. Evelsizer.
Robin G. Kennedy and William L. Kennedy.
Michele Carannante and Deborah Carannante.
Cheryln Milam and Joseph Milam.
Patricia Kicovic and Matthew A. Kicovic.
Divorces filed
Jack L. Scaggs vs. Peggy A. Scaggs.
Peggy A. Scaggs vs. Jack L. Scaggs.
David W. Wise vs. Lorrie A. Wise.
Lawrence E. Baker vs. Donetta D. Baker Wachol.
Janice L. Garland vs. James R. Garland.
Gary J. Opalk vs. Sandra L. Opalk.
Carl Myers vs. Linda Myers.
Panda A. Heatherly vs. Russell E. Heatherly.
Carla Kidwell vs. Brian K. Kidwell.
Frank A. Schneider vs. Karan A. Schneider.
Shelly R. Hipple vs. David A. Hipple.
Benjamin A. Mumford vs. Kathy J. Mumford.
Lisa M. Budnik vs. Philip A. Budnik.
Cases dismissed
Garold L. Kukasky vs. Sue A. Kukasky.
Brandy S. Fair vs. Jeff C. Fair.
Cheryl A. Durig vs. Ezzo Durig.
Norman E. Thomas vs. Andrew Thomas.
Marilyn Bokros vs. Brian S. Bokros.
Dissolutions granted
Tina M. Blehi and Jay A. Blehi.
Regina M. Pontikos and Michael G. Pontikos.
Mary B. Kackurik and Joseph Kackurik.
Melissa A. Vingle and David A. Vingle.
William K. Schrader and Jamie L. Schrader.
Robert M. Klenotic and Kristina L. Klenotic.
Norma G. Martin and Richard U. Martin.
Susie Tolek and Edward A. Leonhard.
George Japuncha Jr. and Dawn L. Japuncha.
Divorces granted
Amanda Arnold vs. Scott Arnold, divorce to plaintiff.
Alisa Moore vs. Walter Moore Jr., divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Alisa Caldwell.
Sonja T. McCain vs. Reginald L. McCain Sr., divorce to plaintiff.
Teresa M. Wilson vs. Darren E. Wilson, divorce to both.
Malcolm E. Evans vs. Tami Evans, divorce to plaintiff.
Timothy F. Ensall vs. Karen D. Ensall, divorce to plaintiff.
Anita Bastion vs. Russell Bastion Sr., divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Anita Stone.
Boston Williams vs. Louella J. Williams, divorce to both.
Dorothy A. Davis vs. David A. Davis, divorce to both.
Elizabeth J. Cosgrove vs. Larry S. Cosgrove, divorce to both.
Thomas F. Davis Jr. vs. Autumn G. Davis, divorce to both, wife restores to name of Autumn G. Vincent.
Gail N. Moore vs. Maurice Moore Sr., divorce to plaintiff.
Mary Ann Artman vs. Robert T. Artman, divorce to plaintiff.
New complaints
Convenient Food Mart Inc. vs. Janine Inc., other civil.
Charlene A. Lafferty vs. American Honda Motor Co., other civil.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Jeffrey T. Persing, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Edison Coryea, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. Ronald R. Haines, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group vs. Roger A. Maple et al, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Christopher Gallagher, foreclosure.

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