Something special to be thankful for

Something special to be thankful for
I want to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to Habitat and the GM workers who joined together in building the most beautiful wheelchair ramp for me at my apartment in Austintown. Many thanks go to the management of Springwood Apartments for their understanding.
Thank you to the Austintown Community Church for their generosity and thank you to Sharp Lumber of Girard.
There were many volunteers to thank. Some had to leave early, before I could get all of their names. My deepest gratitude goes to "all" the workers who helped.
I do have a few names of those who could stay until the ramp was completed by the light of a household lamp and car lights.
Here are some of their names: From Habitat and the one who organized the project, Bob Titus, also, Paul Emond, Danny Danch, Bob Danch, Shirley Heasley, Jeff Rios, Dixie Swason, Mark Williams.
I can't express how grateful and happy you've made me.
May all of you have the most wonderful holiday season ever!
Patriotic parade a tribute to the people of the Valley
The Mahoning Valley St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee had the distinct honor to participate in a most extraordinary local event: the patriotic parade of Nov. 10.
Our hats are off to the 16 high school bands, their band directors, principals, superintendents and school boards for their participation. To the military, veterans, firemen, policemen and emergency medical technicians, thank you for giving the parade purpose. The community participants, scouts, fraternal organizations, car dealers and spectators, were great.
We can't say enough about the Boardman Township trustees, staff, police and road department employees for their contribution to the parade's needs.
We thank Boardman Schools Superintendent Don Dailey and his staff, especially Hugh Braham and Officer Dale Chambers for their help and courtesy.
The unselfish commitment and tireless efforts of The Vindicator's Helen Paes and TV 21's Glenn Stevens made the wonderful parade a reality.
The volunteer marshals of the St. Patrick's Parade Committee, with especially strong representation from Division No. 6 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Mahoning Valley Gaelic Society, managed by their wits, experience and hard work to pull off the staging of this 31/4 mile long parade.
The Knights of Columbus and their ladies along with a host of my personal friends augmented the ranks of the marshals.
And finally, we appreciated the indulgence of the many businesses inconvenienced because Market Street was closed during the parade, we appreciated your indulgence.
The Red, White and Blue Parade truly represented the values embraced by the good people of the great Valley and we stand proud.
X The writer is president of the Mahoning Valley St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee.
Appreciation for voters
A note of thanks and appreciation to the voters of the Jackson-Milton school community for their support of confidence on Nov. 6 in my bid for re-election to the school board. I am proud to serve the students of JM, and honored to represent this school community. Working together, we will become the best and most desirable school district in the area.
Lake Milton
Grateful for support
To the people of Mahoning Valley in reference to the Red, White and Blue Parade of Nov. 10, thank you.
To the men and women of the police, fire and EMS services, let us never forget this thanks and support. Complete your daily tasks with excellence, commitment and integrity.
Austintown TownshipPolice Department