Marriage licenses
Jerry G. Giovannone, 59, of 8351 E. Fairway Loop, Inverness, Fla., and Constance N. Barnes, 51, of 4221 Patricia Ave., Austintown.
Joseph P. May, 33, of 4108 B. Juniper Lane, Wilson, N.C., and Holly J. Blake, 25, of 265 Timber Court, Columbia, S.C.
William E. Agnew, 40, of 13996 Oyster Road, Alliance, and Paula S. Kehl, 34, of same.
William P. Loss, 58, of 18770 Harr-Westville, Beloit, and Donna M. Richardson, 56, of same.
New complaints
Dennis M. Bieda et al vs. Dionysos Inc. et al, money.
Kinnick Funeral Home Inc. vs. Jeanette Singer, money.
First Place Bank vs. Joseph Thomas Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. David D. Viano II et al, money.
Valerie Pinkins vs. General Mills Restaurants Inc. et al, notice of appeal.
Ralph G. Walton M.D. vs. Legion Ins. Co. et al, money.
Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. et al vs. Patricia Carnes, money.
Midfirst Bank vs. Laverne Dorsey Martin et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Scott Riggle et al, money.
Sky Bank vs. Taylor Moore, money.
Paul Magimore et al vs. Brian M. Seruga et al, money.
Dr. Mohan J. Durve vs. Castle Properties, money.
LaSalle International Bank vs. Margaret Hicks et al,money.
Key Bank USA vs. Richard L. Bullen et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Robert D. Croutch et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning Paint Corp. vs. Columbus Steel Drum Co., money.
Anna Marie Galbraith indiv. and as admr of the estate of Thomas E. Galbraith, dec'd. vs. Jeffrey C. Halley M. D. et al, money.
GC Affordable Dining Inc. vs. Buddy Light Jr. et al, money.
Clara J. Carter et al vs. Jessica L. Merrell, money.
Tippecanoe Country Club Inc. vs. Ohio Civil Rights Commission et al, money.
Probate court
Will of Steve Glus: estate to children, Nicholas and Stephen Glus.
Will of Wilma I. Jesse: estate to Barbara A. Soltis and Helen Jurkovac; with specific bequests.
Will of Frank J. Colla: estate to wife, Francis E.
Will of Marian L. Wallace: estate to husband, James L.
Will of John Sepic: estate to wife, Ann.
Will of Elizabeth L. Gura: estate to nieces, Rita Spencer and Jean Spencer; brother-in-law, Charles T. Spencer; Jeanne M. Spencer, Howard Spencer, and Mary Ellen Spencer; with specific bequests.
Will of Maria L. Hackman: estate to Dollar Savings & amp; Trust Co. and John Jardien as co-trustees.
Will of Cecile C. Midley: estate to the Cecile C. Midgley Family Trust; with specific bequests.
Will of Eugene H. Carpenter: estate to great-nieces Jessica M. Stiffler, Amanda N. Stiffler, and Kendra L. Stiffler, sister, Waneda Workman and Linda Carr, and brother, Otha Carr; with specific bequests.
Will of Anthony Carbon: estate to children, Anthony D. Carbon and Cynthia Williams.
Will of Florence E. Cherney: estate to son, David P.; with specific bequests.
Will of Frances M. Dew: estate to sons, Gerald R. and Roy W. Dew.
Will of Anthony S. Pastello: estate to wife, Antonette M.
Will of Mary Lou Correia: estate to husband, Francis.
Will of Ann E. Hamman: estate to daughter, Marian Kay; with specific bequests.
Will of Charles Lichtenberger: estate to Sandra J. Johnson, David Johnson and H. Charles Johnson; with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Tom Molocea to David J. Schmidt, Beaver Twp., $67,500.
Mill Creek Land Corp. to Dieter Home Construction Inc., Austintown Twp., $23,500.
Mill Creek Land Corp. to Dieter Home Construction Inc., Austintown, $22,500.
Turner Development Ltd. to Donald E. Bova Jr., Austintown Twp., $23,500.
Turner Development Ltd. to Latessa Construction Ltd., Austintown Twp., $21,500.
Virginia Hahn to Latessa Construction Ltd., Austintown Twp., $40,000.
DJD & amp; C Development Inc. to Dominic J. Marchionda et al, Poland Twp., $60,000.
Elsa McCray to Jane A. Wojtowicz, Ellsworth Twp., $105,000.
Bernadette Hena to Robert Zoppelt St., Austintown Twp., $54,000.
Dieter Homes to Michael A. Barton et al, Austintown Twp., $162,450.
Paul Raptou to William T. Moretz et al, Milton Twp., $40,000.
Paul Raptou to William T. Moretz, Milton Twp., $105,000.
Pipco Construction Inc. to Nancy L. Sutton, Boardman Twp., $135,000.
Katherine Vlasic to Lori I. Flesher, Struthers, $88,000.
Robert Williamson to Christian Martial Arts Center, Youngstown, $70,000.
Pamela J. Balent to Rosalin F. Walker, Craig Beach Village, $84,500.
South Range Prop. to Rodney E. Dunn et al, Austintown Twp., $76,650.
Donald G. Roberts et al to Nancy J. Ramelee, Boardman Twp., $94,500.
Patricia Dachiedt to Mark Hanni, Youngstown, $7,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Mary E. Mahoney, 249 Wildwood Drive, Youngstown; nurse, HMH Partners; liabilities, $21,025; assets, $9,552.
John C. Jr. and Marie L. White, 3938 Dunbar, Youngstown, and P. O. Box 41, Niles; he: North American Wire Products; she: Vokas Provision Co. Rich Plan of Western Reserve; liabilities, $130,177; assets, $123,776.
Robert E. Mooney, 618 Cathy Ann Drive, Boardman; retail manager, Rite Aid Corp.; liabilities, $145,071; assets, $83,200.
Thomas A. and Jenny L. Glass, 1619 W. Hampton Ave., Austintown; he: warehouseman; she: none; liabilities, $198,235; assets, $67,950.
Mary B. Earley, 340 S. Pricetown Road, Diamond; material handler, Kaufmanns; liabilities, $34,180; assets, $1,100.
Alfred D. and Verlene Y. Coward, 6010 Applecrest Court, Youngstown; he: minister, Mount Calvary Pentecostal Church; she: teacher, Legacy Academy; liabilities, $77,375; assets, $2,264.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Barbara J. Congemi, 5102 Firnley, Youngstown; material handler, All Weather Seal; liabilities, $15,038; assets, $2,350.
Cynthia Y. Conway Cook, 134 N. Evanston Ave., Youngstown, and Daniel L. Cook, 216 S. Bon Air, Youngstown; both: none; liabilities, $56,297; assets, $29,985.
New Complaints
National City Bank vs. Lawrence Ludwick, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust etal vs. William H. VanValien III, foreclosure.
Christine Weimer vs. Randy Willgues, other torts.
Ronald A. Devito vs. Joseph D. Ohlin, other civil.
Buckeye Retirement Co. vs. Randall J. Hake Contracting, cognovit note.
James W. Sutton vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
Dawnelle R. Sciullo vs. Lauren I. Wilkoff, other torts.
All Doors & amp; More Inc. vs. William M. Dragojevic, other civil.
Joan Merrifield vs. Wal-mart, other torts.
Patricia Bortner vs. Michael S. Kline, other torts.
Polly Parks Hall vs. Delphi Packard Electric, workers' compensation.
Farmers National Bank vs. Jack M. Blenton, foreclosure.
Erica A. Record vs. Kia Motors America Inc., other civil.
Felix Brown vs. Stanley Morganstern, other civil.
Bank of New York vs. Robert L. Wenhold et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Mary Ann Davis et al, foreclosure.
Anna Kennedy vs. City of Cortland, other civil.
Eugene C. Rhodes et al vs. Forum Health, professional tort.
United Services Auto vs. Meghan A. Curran, other civil.
D & amp; L Energy Inc. vs. North Coast Energy Inc., other civil.
Joseph Shver etal vs. Anthony I. Infante, foreclosure.
Robert L. Treharn vs. General Motors Corp., other torts.
Equicredit Corp. vs. Mary Kitchen et al, foreclosure.
Louis S. Barbutes vs. Stephanie Osborne, other torts.
Marvella A. Johnson vs. Anthony V. Pacileo, other torts.
Sky Bank to Sylvia S. Revis, other civil.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. John McClellan, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. Timothy J. Busefink, foreclosure.
Patricia A. Warner vs. Dean Carson, other civil.
Maurice Kirk vs. Ohio Central Railroad, other torts.
Julie Byler vs. Janene Spangler, other torts.
Lynn Gregory vs. Max and Erma's Restaurant, other torts.
Stacy Hartwig vs. Catherine M. Staton, other civil.
Marva E. Smith vs. Suburban Title Agency Inc., other civil.
Anthony Hawley vs. Dept. of Rehabilitation, other civil.
Greenwich Capital vs. Terry L. Stanford, foreclosure.
Alan Bender vs. Jason Link et al, other civil.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Yancy Seemann, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Elizabeth Jackson et al, foreclosure.
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB vs. James J. Martoff, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. George Stuart, foreclosure.
Cortland Savings et al vs. Martin R. Fenton, foreclosure.
Denise Hall vs. Trumbull Memorial Hospital, workers' compensation.
Michele Mundell Special vs. Jimmy F. Morrison, other civil.
Deborah J. Bisker vs. Christopher Fales, other torts.
Heather Merritt vs. Allstate Insurance Co., other torts.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance vs. Kenny L. Wilson, other civil.
Andrea Kish vs. Charles F. Schell, other civil.
Erie Insurance Group vs. Donna J. Smith, other civil.

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