Marriage licenses
Paul S. Fritz, 45, of 1404 N. Osborn Ave. #B, Youngstown, and Holly B. Petrella, 43, of 103 Wildwood Drive, Boardman.
Myoung Kuk Park, 31, of 228 Hollywood Ave., Youngstown, and Cindy Nguyen, 25, of same.
Christopher T. Hoover, 24, Witchita, Kan., and Carrie A. Morocco, 30, of 64 W. Wood St., Lowellville.
Perry Alexander, 38, of 100 12th St., Campbell, and Georgia Maragkou, 32, of same.
Jeffrey F. Brooks, 35, of 2861 Rochester Drive, Lake Milton, and Jenny L. Cross, 28, of same.
Divorces asked
Nicolette A. Krusely, 2200 S. Raccoon Road #43, Austintown, vs. Michael E. Krusely, 4340 Maureen Drive, Austintown.
Anthony Plevniak, 5648 Stanford Ave., Austintown, vs. Rachel A. Plevniak, 5648 Stanford Ave. Austintown.
Dissolutions asked
Lawrence H. Morris, 461 Park Drive, Campbell, and Angela M. Morris, 457 Park Drive, Campbell.
Terry A. McGlynn, 4517 Burkey Road, Austintown, and Michael R. McGlynn, 3893 Cannon Road, Austintown.
Tammy L. Johnston, 101 16th St., Campbell, and Billy Joe Johnston, 1621 Atkinson Ave., Youngstown.
Eugene A. Proffit, 440 Fairground Blvd. Apt. 4, Canfield, and Alice M. Proffit, 160 Maywood Drive, Youngstown.
New complaints
Chase Manhattan Bank et al vs. Erwin C. Eddington et al, foreclosure.
First Horizon Home Loan Corp. et al vs. Yvonne D. Walker-Isaac et al, foreclosure.
Waterfield Mortgage Co. Inc. vs. Rose A. Lofaro et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Jeanne Ballard et al, foreclosure.
James A. Denney vs. Joseph Pallone, money.
County treasurer vs. Unknown heirs, devisees et al of John W. Brassfield et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
United National Bank and Trust Co. vs. Stonehy S. Moenich, money.
Joseph J. Phillips vs. Zelpha G. Foor et al, money.
Citifinancial Mortgage Co. Inc. et al vs. Doris Chew et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Pamela L. Bosly et al vs. Larry Fournier, money.
David Boosinger vs. Superior Beverage Co. Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Apryl L. Johnson et al vs. Eroilda Calderon et al, money.
Frank Sergi et al vs. Indiana Insurance Co. et al, money.
Edward W. Soltis et al vs. Raymond P. Polombi Sr., money.
Kathy Myers vs. James Conrad et al, workers' compensation.
Robert Root Sr. vs. Willie Thornton, money.
Ann Bracaglia et al vs. Outback Steakhouse, money.
Edna G. Brown vs. City of Youngstown, money.
Mitchell A. Defoor vs. Rural Metro Ambulance et al, money.
Milic Varjaski et al vs. Deborah Pearch et al, mandatory injunction.
United States Liability Insurance Group vs. Lee DeRose et al, money.
Anthony Pannozzo vs. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield et al, breach of contract.
Reliable Lumber and Supply Co. Inc. vs. Robert J. Dicioccio et al, money.
Leslie Stoffer vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, money.
Pamela Durkin et al vs. Thomas Toot, money.
Juliana Danial vs. John M. Barsodi, money.
Spotsylvania Mall Co. vs. Footprints Enterprises Inc. et al, money.
Frenchtown Square Partnership vs. Jeffrey M. Dora et al, money.
Dollar Bank FSB vs. Linda S. Laughlin et al, money.
William J. Gartland vs. Bruce White, money.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Jesse Y. Chapline et al, foreclosure and reformation.
Ryan Alternative Staffing Inc. vs. Callos Professional Employment Inc. et al, money.
Docket entries
Esther Williams vs. Marvin C. Reese, settled.
Schreiber Co. vs. Pangio's Supermarket Inc. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Helen Paszko et al vs. Carl R. Noble et al, Nationwide Insurance Co. only, dismissed.
State vs. Paul E. Weston III, court revokes community control and sentences to 18 months, to run concurrently.
Same vs. Warren V. Wright, sentenced seven years and three years, mandatory and conseuctive for felonious assault with firearm specification.
Same vs. Darrell Frazier Jr., sentence suspended, granted two-year probation and driver's license suspended for six months for attempted trafficking in marijuana.
Same vs. Paul E. Weston III, court revokes community control and sentences to 18 months for violation of probation.
Same vs. Paul Weston, court revokes community control and sentenced to 18 months for violation of probation, to run concurrently.
Phyllis Thomas vs. Youngstown Pipe & amp; Supply et al, Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. only, dismissed.
Louis T. Severo vs. L. F. Donnell Inc. et al, dismissed.
Maderitz Electrical Contractors Inc. vs. Motel 6 et al, settled.
United National Bank vs. Gary Lashley et al, dismissed.
Guardian National vs. Ronnie Howard, judgment for plaintiff.
Credit Mortgage Corp. vs. Linda L. Lozano et al, foreclosure.
Nora Anthony vs. Sandra Landis et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
D.L.J. Mortgage Capital Inc. vs. Joseph Hodge Jr. et al, dismissed.
Shannon Nicholas vs. Jean M. Honsinger et al, dismissed.
Carol J. Huck et al vs. Lorrie A. Girardi etal, settled.
William J. McSuley et al vs. Richard A. Marsico, settled.
Real estate transfers
Cendant Mobility Services Corp. to Michael Zeurcher et al, Canfield Twp., $249,900.
Anna Fellaballa to Benjamin T. Kemp, Youngstown, $28,000.
D.J. Builders Inc. to John G. Griffiths et al, Boardman Twp., $170,000.
Teresa Danelski to Danel J. Thomas, Youngstown, Youngstown, $49,000.
Jeffrey A. Luke to Michael G. Stinson et al, Smith Twp., $92,500.
Ramunno Builders Inc. to Joseph J. Caraballo et al, Springfield Twp., $174,606.
James P. Mullarkey et al to Terry W. Bigley, Youngstown, $70,500.
Master Plan Builders to Deane M. Wurst et al, Boardman Twp., $231,552.
Dawn R. DeBucci to John Markotan, Springfield Twp., $63,800.
Dicioccio Construction Ltd. to William Mokrovich et al, Poland Twp., $170,858.
Lawrence M. Fedor et al to Leo P. D'Angelo et al, Boardman Twp., $85,000.
John R. Straub et al to Steven D. Robbins et al, Boardman Twp., $185,000.
Latessa Construction Ltd. to Christopher R. Wells et al, Springfield Twp., $134,935.
Evelyn F. Haren et al to Patricia L. Adams, Green Twp., $59,620.
Evelyn F. Haren et al to Allan Cobourn et al, Green Twp., $240,000.
Douglas P. Hayes et al to Jason Zelonish et al, Austintown Twp., $156,500.
James J. Billock et al to Steven E. Rollins et al, Youngstown, $103,500.

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