Fewer scents could mean more dollars and cents at area department stores

Fewer scents could mean more dollars and cents at area department stores
Well, here it is, another holiday season.
Stores with half-price sales. Every year it starts sooner. But with all the ads they bombard us with, they cry about not making their quotas.
It never works to have more than than three ads sent out every week. What all these stores are missing is changing the way of displaying their goods.
Here is my point.
Every store in Boardman now has too many scented candles that they tout as "aroma therapy." They're so sickening that people like me can't go to the stores 90 percent of the time because of the severe allergies and breathing problems that result. Just entering these stores means more sinus infections.
They put these items right at the entrances and throughout every aisle, so I can no longer even go in now.
I know for me that if all these smelly items were placed in one area of the store, in the back, I would certainly be in these department stores more. Sales would go up some because all of us people with allergies would be in there.
Nursing home residents deserve humane care
The Nov. 6 Vindicator business section ran the article titled "USDA acts to ensure humane slaughter." It stated the following. "Under pressure from Congress and the food industry, the government is hiring 17 veterinarians to try to ensure that slaughterhouses nationwide are treating livestock humanely."
Why don't precious citizens of the United States living in nursing homes receive the same humane care? Many are veterans who have served their country.
Each of us knows of someone, either family or friend who has experienced first hand the inhumane treatment of a loved one in a nursing home facility. Lack of water, long waits for help to the restroom and poor food are considered normal nursing home procedure. "That's just the way it is in nursing homes," is the common response.
Why? Why don't human beings get more consideration than animals in America? Our nation's pledge of allegiance reads "with liberty and justice for all."
A visit to a nursing home and a talk with those who live there will confirm everything stated.
Yes, that is the way it is in nursing homes, but that is not "just" the way it has to be. It's accepted as just the way it is as long as we remain silent. It's time we who have seen and heard speak up for those who are unable to speak out for themselves.
Mooney band destined for bigger things
I would like to congratulate Mr. Adam Mendenhall and the Cardinal Mooney High School Marching Band on a successful season. Although they were few in number, their dedication and hard work made our football season a little brighter.
These kids devoted a lot of time and talent to keep the music alive at this school. Hopefully in the next few years, they will grow in size. But for now, they will continue playing from their hearts and be proud of what they have accomplished.
God bless America
On Sept. 11, we found proof of terrorism. I feel very sad about what has happened in our country. I think we should have more security in all buildings and places. May God bless our people, our heroes, and our soldiers, and God bless the United States of America.
X Lucas is 8 years old and in the third grade.