St. Christine's member supports parish priest

St. Christine's member supports parish priest
I am writing in the wake of the allegations being brought against Father Bliss from St. Christine Church. As a member of St. Christine Parish I am completely disturbed by this and I wanted to show my support for our priest.
Last April,I lost my brother at the age of 27 very suddenly. This was a complete shock and was very devastating, as for anyone who has lost a family member so suddenly and unexpectedly.
I am involved with the Women's Renewal this year and I met Father Bliss at our weekend last year. This man really had a profound effect on me so much so that I found it easy to contact him for spiritual guidance during this time of grief.
Words really cannot describe how Father Bliss helped me then and is still helping me deal with this loss as well as getting on with my life. I found him to be very supportive, caring and very easy to talk to.
There was not one incidence of anything improper that happened. The only thing that I can say is that he helped me find comfort in the hands of the Lord in a way that was strictly by the book.
I was very upset that these allegations were brought against our priest, and I felt the need to give him and our parish the support that we all need to do. St. Christine Church is so active in our community and our congregation is always growing.
Since I have been a member, I have become acquainted with Monsignor Rhodes, Sister Ann, Father Bliss and all of our wonderful deacons. I feel at home in our parish, and I hate to see anything negative come from this unfortunate allegation.
In summary, I fully trust Father Bliss, and when I need any kind of spiritual guidance I would be knocking on his office door.
Mental health concerns need financial assistance
People in our community may not be aware of the changes being made in the area of mental health. The Board of Mental Health has formed a committee to study the feasibility of a children's residential facility for our own community which would enable parents of severely mentally ill adolescents and children to be close to their loved ones.
It is a practical and economical solution for those who have tried to find placement for a child.
Juvenile Judge Theresa Dellick and Comprehensive Strategy, coordinated by Anne Louise White, are changing the focus on youth in the juvenile system.
Michael Hogan, Ohio Director of Mental Health, can be credited through the Family and Children First Council for allocating funds to support the Comprehensive Strategy Program. Integration of all agencies is a necessary component to changing the existing system.
On the state level Gov. Taft has ordered the legislature to increase funding to the Ohio Department of Mental Health in the amount of $23 million, which will eliminate the need to close three state psychiatric hospitals.
We can give some of the credit for this choice to the efforts of the National Alliance for the Mentally III, the voice on mental illness.
We need to continue support for mental health issues by contacting members of the Ohio General Assembly and urging them to vote for the governor's recommendations.